Polaroid Originals Film The best money can buy

Polaroid Originals Film

Learn about new Polaroid Originals Film and which cameras these are compatible with. This is the cheapest film for Polaroid 600, SX-70, or Spectra but if you want a cheap instant camera & film there are many better options in the instant camera market today. Even there are cheap Polaroid cameras than this. Read the article to find out more. Continue Reading


Instant Film for Hasselblad Polaroid Back

Instant Film for Hasselblad Polaroid Back

Are you looking for Polaroid Back for your Hasselblad camera or Instant Film for Hasselblad Polaroid Back ? There are several instant camera brands out there and there are even instant backs for some other DSLR type cameras. But apart from those old Polaroid backs there aren’t any working solution for new Hasselblad models. There were KickStarter projects but none made to production stage. In this article you can learn more about what are the solutions out there and which film types you can use for your old Polaroid backs. Continue Reading