Impossible Project I-1 Camera

Impossible-Project I-1 Camera

Impossible Project I-1 instant analog Camera is now Impossible Project’s flagship product. The company which has started to save Polaroid cameras by producing instant film for those old cameras finally released it’s own instant film camera. it’s been nearly 20 years  since Polaroid Co. has closed their instant photo camera production and this is the first 600 type film camera released to market. I-1 model uses Impossible Project 600 film which is an improved version of old Polaroid 600 film.

This camera has both old technology and new tech. It’s an analog camera just like old Polaroid cams. But it does have new features too. So this post is all about telling you about it’s options and features in short and sweet.

Camera has an advanced uniquely designed ring flash. It provides a diffused light which is perfect for portrait shots. This is the first interesting thing you notice about it’s design.

If you have an iPhone then you are lucky. They have an iOS app which can connect with the camera. It has few creative tools like light painting, double exposure to play with. Also I heard you can do the remote shutter thing with this app. They say there will be an Android app by September 2016. Camera uses Bluetooth to connect.

This is an analog camera. It doesn’t have a digital sensor. So you can’t send images to your phone or save photos. The App only gives you just more settings for your photos.

According to Impossible Project I-1 is the only instant camera with full aperture and shutter speed control. Still even this camera gives you unpredictable results. Just like old Polaroids. So it’s good for Lomography too.

It’s powered by an inbuilt 500mAh li-ion battery. Sadly they didn’t make the camera with separate battery. Camera has a micro usb port and comes with a usb cable. Charger not included. You can use a phone charger.

Impossible Project I-1 Camera uses Impossible Project type 600 film. They do have have new film specially released for this camera too. Its called Impossible I-Type Film. Can be bought both in color and black & white. Cost per shot is around $3. Expensive than Intax film or Polaroid Zero Ink film.

Un-boxing Impossible Project I-1 Camera

How to Impossible Project I-1 Camera



 I-1 Camera is not a digital camera like Polaroid Snap. Also it can’t made quality photos like Fujifilm Instax series cameras. It’s just new release of old type 600 camera with more settings. First look at the price and ask your self if it’s worth that. If you are want a camera good quality photo prints, Then there are better choices out there.


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