Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Last 25t October Fujifilm President announced about new Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera for the public. You can see in the above photo this camera looks really great. It doesn’t have the toy camera look some of those older Instax models have. Mini 70 is not an instant digital camera but it has some promising improvements.

New Instax Mini model comes in three colors, “Canary Yellow”, “Island Blue”, and “Moon White”. Unlike in old models, this time price is the same for all 3 cameras.

This new instant photo camera looks a little bit similar to Instax 90 which is a little more expensive but has so many nice options.  The current market price of Mini 70 is around $125. There are many other cheap instant cameras and also cheap Polaroid cameras out there such as the new Polaroid Snap model so what makes this instant photo camera worth its price?

Answer lies in it’s new features. Take a looks at the new feature list and you will understand why Instax Mini 7 is better than most of the instant photo cameras in market today.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Features

This main new feature is Automatic Exposure Control which let you take and print much sharper and real like photos. Now when you click the shutter button camera calculate amount of ambient light you have and then adjust the shutter speed. Not only it gives you natural brightness but also it capture both subject and background beautifully. This is how it looks. ( As ample from Fuji website),

Fujifilm Mini 70 pics

Also, there are some more shooting options and setting. There is great Selfie mode with separate button for that. When you click that camera automatically set optimized settings for selfies. Also, there is a self-timer for group photos, a macro mode for nice close ups and landscape mode for taking cool outdoor photos.

Another cool feature is hi-key mode for Brighten up subject and give the person a beautiful skin-tone. The camera has a new fill-in flash which will help you to take detailed photos of  the subject against a bright background without over exposing like in older Instax models. There is a tripod hole too those who want to use it.

I think these features alone enough to put it on top of the latest instant cameras in market.  It’s a small camera but comes with a hellwa punch.

Photo paper for Mini 70

Like all other Instax mini cameras this one use Fujifilm Instax mini photo paper. You can get 50 photo paper packs for around $37 at Amazon and  if you want a smaller pack then you can buy a 20 photo paper pack for  $15.



  1. This instant camera looks great. It’s bit expensive than the old models like Mini 8 though. But it has some nice features and photos looks better. Both Instax 300 and Instax Mini 70 seems to have same price tag. I wonder if this Instax 70 is even better than the Mini 90.

  2. This new Fuji Instax Mini 70 camera looks really impressive. It’s bit expensive than others camera in it’s range like Mini 8 or Mini 50 but I guess this one has lot more features and it looks really nice. So really question is which is better Mini 70 or Mini 90 ?

    • If you asked me any other camera then I would say go for Mini 90 but when you are comparing Mini 70 and Mini 90 photo quality is pretty much same. Only default, macro and landscape mode photo prints have very little differences. You can see some big difference only when you try Hi-mode in Mini 70 with the L and L+ modes of Mini 90. Prints from 70 is darker.

      I think it’s better go for the Instax mini 70 since it’s newer and cheaper.

  3. This Instax Mini 70 camera used to be over 150 usd but now it has become quite cheap. What amazing thing is you can find it even for less than 60 usd ! That’s even less than a Mini 8 or Mini 9 camera cost you. Anyone who want a good instant camera should check Mini 7 prices before going for other models.

  4. I’m not sure why Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera become popular like other Instax Mini models because I think it’s one of the best among Instax instant cameras. This super cool instant camera comes in 6 colors with a very beautiful design. It has a very classy look unlike those Mini 8 or Mini 9 cameras. It has all features of Instax Mini 90 and probably more, but also cheaper. So how come nobody bothers about this camera? I can see there are offers for this instant camera for less than 100 USD at Amazon. I love this camera because it’s the best instant camera I have bought since my Polaroid Sun 600 cam. Film packs are cheaper too. So it’s a total bargain if you can get one for less than 100 USD!

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