Polaroid Z340

Polaroid 340

Polaroid Z340 camera is a digital instant camera made by Polaroid.  This camera is not so expensive comparing it with cameras in same range. It cost you around $250 at Amazon. Perfect for those who don’t want Mini size photo prints and looking for a new camera which has bigger photo format similar to old Polaroid cameras then this is the best option you have.

A instant digital camera can move images from camera to your computer, Laptop or phone using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB even can save into internal or external memory unlike old Polaroid cameras. Even though Fuji Instax cameras are popular, cheaper and even might be better quality film wise bu inability to transfer photos into digital devices like computers or photos is a big disadvantage. These days everyone want to post photos they take in social websites so it’s a big blow. Only way it scanning the photo prints and that’s not something fun since you have edit those photos etc. also you can save a copy of photos digitally for using later but analog cameras can’t do it.

This is why Z340 camera is so good. It gives you the option to save your photos in memory while printing those photos. Also let you take photos now and print those later Another thing is bigger photo print looks better on photo albums etc. This camera can be a  great asset for creating a photo guest book for an event like wedding or birthday party or something. This  let your future generations to see everyone who came to the wedding specially it would be great for kids to see  those who came to their parents wedding.

Why Z340 is perfect for weddings

It’s a perfect for wedding mainly because it can be used for taking lots of photos for long duration. That’s not all. You will have to take maybe 100-200 photo prints. Now if it’s an analog instant film camera you have no way of finding out which photo is good which photo is bad. So you would be wasting considerable numbers of prints due to bad quality. Now if you have an instant digital camera like Z340 then you get a chance to check all images before print so you would print only good quality images. I think for an event like wedding or party you should have an Instant digital camera so it will help you to manage your budget and get best out of it. You can read more about this below in this page.

Z340 Specifications and features,

  • 14MP CCD Sensor.
  • 5x  Digital Zoom.
  • 43mm equivalent AF lens.
  • 2.7inch Tilting LCD screen.
  • 10cm Macro mode.
  • HD 16:9 720p video.
  • Polaroid Zink 3 x 4 inch photo prints.
  • Daylight, night, portrait, landscape and more shooting modes.
  • Color options like vintage Polaroid, b&w, sepia etc.
  • 128MB internal flash memory.
  • Can use  upto 4GB on SD cards and up to 32GB on SDHC cards.
  • USB port to transfer images to phones and computers.
  • Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Z340 Camera Manual – Here

Polaroid Z340 Photo Paper
Polaroid Zink 3x4 Photo Paper

If someone is looking for Instant film for this camera then remember the camera use only Polaroid Zink 3×4 photo paper. No other type of paper or film work with it. 3 x4 is similar to old Polaroid 600 cameras but can’t use this film for those old cameras. Technology is totally different. But it’s the same film use for Polaroid GL10 printer. Cost per photo print would be around just $0.80 so that’s a lot cheaper than those old Polaroid camera film or impossible project film.

New Polaroid Zink Photo paper is cheap just like Fuji Instax film. You don’t have to buy a dead Polaroid camera like Polaroid 600, SX-70 or Spectra anymore. Those analog Polaroid photo cameras might be cheap but instant film price is sky high so long term it would be like owning a white elephant. It’s not really worth paying $1+ for instant photo print unless you use those in rare occasions and for a camera which is part of your classic camera collection.

There is one important thing. when you buy smaller 10 photo paper film packs These might cost you more so It’s always better buying bigger packs because this will save money. Specially for event like wedding where you might need to take loads of photo find the biggest pack you can find which cost you less when it comes to cost per print.

Z340 Camera Battery
Z340 Battery

This camera uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. A replacement battery for this This Polaroid Z340 Lithium-Ion Digital Camera Battery can be bought from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. This battery can be used for Polaroid GL10 instant printer too. Printing process normally takes lots of power so it’s wise to keep an extra battery if you plan to use the camera for  taking lots of photo prints.

Make sure tot urn off the camera before installing or removing the battery. It’s safer to use only the provided batteries or type of battery and charger that came with your Z340 camera. f you are going to store the camera for a long period of time then make sure to remove the battery before. When you make lots  photo prints camera body could start feeling warm.

The camera will stop movie recording when camera temperature is over 55C/131F or the lens temperature is over 45C/113F. That’s when cameras battery protections kicks in. But you will probably turn off the camera long before it comes to this.

Z340 Camera Memory
Z340 Memory Card

Since the camera is a Digital instant photo camera it comes with a internal memory and also a slot for SDHC memory card.  z340 comes with 128MB internal memory so if it doesn’t detect an external memory then automatically saves all images and video and audio clips in this internal memory. It’s better buy a SDHC memory card along with your camera because 128MB is very little when you store images and videos so it will run out quickly.

Z340 takes upto 4GB SD cards and 32GB if it’s a SDHC card. Even thought SD cards work fine and cheaper I recommend you to buy a SDHC memory card because these are the latest and also lot faster. If you have a faster memory card it will save images and videos fast so the camera can take and save next image quickly. So make sure to buy one of fastest memory cards in market. Buying a class 10 card or later would a good idea.

A  Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card can be bought for less than $20 from Amazon and this card is a best selling SDHC card they have. There are lower price and smaller cards but price different would be like 5-8 dollars so going for bigger and faster card totally worth it.

Tip : Always buy genuine memory cards from well-known brand. The best brands and models out there are, Lexar Platinum II 200x 32GB SDHC, SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class10 SDHC, Sony 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 R40, Transcend 32 GB High Speed Class 10 UHS etc. One of the most common mistakes are people thing if you get a good camera it will take care of everything and these other accessories like memory cards have no importance. These are the people later regret and ask for help to recover images which vanished from their unbranded cards or wonder why it’s slow when camera saving images.

Z340 Instant Digital Camera


Here’s a short summary of this long review about Polaroid Z340 camera. It’s $250 at Amazon and cost per photo paper is around $0.80.Images can be saved into memory as well as print those instantly. Photo prints are bigger 3 x4 inches like those old Polaroid instant photo camera film. Another two important features are 5x zoom and ability record videos with audio too. It uses rechargeable Lithium battery for power and A replacement can be bought  for just $25 at Amazon.

This camera is not a replacement for Digital point and shoot camera or Digital DLSR camera. It has 14MB CCD processor but not ultra sharp like latest digital point and shoot cameras. But it’s sharp enough for an instant photo camera. Images can be transferred into phone or computer by using plug and play USB. Take photos now and print later since Z340 saves all images in camera memory. this way it let you to choose which you want skipping all bad photos.

It might be a little expensive since the price is $250 comparing with Instax cameras which is available from $60 to upward in online stores. But you get to save photos into memory and even move photos to your digital devices so trying to compare these 2 would be like comparing apples and oranges. It might not be one of those cheap instant cameras but it’s one of the best instant film camera options out there in market today.

A Camera For Wedding Scrapbook

For decades Instant photos have been use for creating unique and beautiful wedding scrapbooks as well as to create scrapbooks for various events. These photos has a beautiful vintage looks so these are more suitable than 35mm lab print photos.

To make a perfect scrapbook you need an instant film camera which can work for long time without heating up. Also It’s lot better if you have an instant digital camera because you can check photos before print those. This is very important factor because you will be taking lots of photos and you don’t want to waste too much money for all blur and bad photos. So buying an analog instant cam is not a good idea unless it’s a very small wedding with few guests. If it’s really large wedding then you will need at least two cameras. Make sure to have lots of spare batteries because you can go buying those in middle of the wedding.

Polaroid Z340 camera is perfect for the job because it’s a digital instant cam and also gives you 3 x 4 format photos which are bigger and clear. Since it’s a bigger camera it will last longer without getting heat up. Also it’s lithium battery last longer (make sure to buy at least one spare battery along with the camera). Calculate how many photos you will have to take and buy film packs as bulk so you will able to get a cheaper price. Keep few film packs hidden for emergency. Because one of the common problems you have in this kind of project is everyone want to take photo for them selves. It’s better leave a small notice or let everyone to know photos are for the wedding scrapbook. You need to find a way to break this nicely to your guests or have extra film ready for guests too.

Alternatives For Z340

Fujifilm has released a new Instax camera called Instax 300. This is the successor of old Instax 210 camera. They have designed the 210 into a lighter a slimmer model. Also given a 95mm f14 lens with two focus zones to make photos better. So this camera will be the best alternative for Polaroid z340. You will able to buy this one around $130 – $150  from Amazon and other stores. This is the only camera out there in market which use 3 x 4 photo paper apart from Instax 210. It’s a good alternative if you want a latest model.

Fujifilm Instax 210 is the cheapest Instant camera model out there in market but it’s slowly becoming outdated. Retail price of this camera is less than $60 from Amazon and around $100 from other online stores. Not a bad camera but it’s bulky and indoor and law light photos are not so great. This camera also uses 3 x 4 equivalent Instax Wide film. This camera has been discontinued Fujifilm since they have released it’s successor Instax 300 so it might be better buy the new version.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is the latest from Polaroid but it comes with big price tag. Cost you around $300. It’s an instant digital camera which use 2×3 size ZeroInk premium film packs. It has lots of nice features and work like a smart phone too. It has Android OS with a web browser and upload images directly into your favorite social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Plus it has GPS, Wi-Fi and BlueTooth features too. This one is probably the best instant digital camera in market and lot better than Z340. Only downside it it uses smaller mini Film format.

Fujifilm Instax 90 Neo Classic is another good alternative but this one use Mini film not big photo format. But it’s around $50 cheaper and gives you better quality photos. Cost around $150 – $190 at Amazon and other stores. It uses Instax Mini film. Mini 90 Neo Classic camera probably is the best analog instant cam out there in market today. It has some great features which you don’t find any other instant cams these days.

Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Spectra. Now these old models are not recommended because of expensive film prices. But if you need big photo size and don’t mind the price or quality these might be good but unless you are in love with these old cams it’s a waste. There is Impossible project film for these cameras and cost is around $3 per photo print. Film available in their official site and also in other online stores. But think twice before buying one of these cameras. Not recommended.

There is another option. That’s digital instant mobile printers. There are three models launched by Polaroid, One called Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 from Fuji and few not so well-known mobile printers for other brands like HP. If you already have a smart phone then you might find using one of these is more cost effective. Specially if you expect sharper photos like from digital cameras.



  1. I think z340 is the only Instant film camera out there which has same size photo paper as old Polaroid camera models like type 600. If I go for an Polaroid camera Not a Fuji Instax camera then I would buy this model rather than one of these credit card size photo cameras. I think it’s worth for the price since these days you need to move your photos to your computer or phone so you can upload those to Social Media sites.

    • Personally I prefer Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera but the downside of that camera is Smaller photo paper size and It’s not a digital camera. I wonder if Fujifilm ever will start making digital instant cameras. But right now the best 2 instant photo cameras in market are This Polaroid z340 camera and Instax Mini 90 camera.

  2. So this model is better than Polaroid Z2300 ? I mean when you compare photo quality ? A Friend of mine have a Fujifilm Instax mini 90 camera and it’s great now I don’t know I should buy this Polaroid model or the Fuji’s Mini 90. Which camera is better an why ?

    • I think the only difference between this model and z2300 is the photo print size. This models photo format is 3×4, much similar to old Polaroid models like type 600. Apart from that everything else is same I guess. Also there is the price difference.

      Mini 90s photo quality is little better and it has more manual controls to play with. Also it’s like $60 cheaper. Downside is you can’t move images to your photo or computer. It’s not a digital model.

    • Apart from what Daniel has already said only other thing I can added is Mini 90 use mini film and z430 use the bigger 3×4 format photo prints. So if you want bigger photo prints then this camera is the best model for you. Even those these prints are different sizes price is nearly same. You can get both types of instant film for around $0.60.

  3. Does Z340 has Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth ? Or we have to move photos to camera using a usb cable ? I think Polaroids first Pogo camera had Bluetooth. It would be cool if this digital instant camera has the feature. But I couldn’t find anything about this in their site or on product page at Amazon.

    • I don’t think this instant film camera has wireless connectivity. I couldn’t find anything about it and I’m sure Polaroid wouldn’t stay quite about it if it has Wi-Fi or BlueTooth. It’s a big promotional point if it can do that. So if you want a camera with wireless feature you will need to go for the PoGo camera which is very expensive. Cost you around $350 at Amazon I think.

      Cheaper option would be buying a Instant mobile printer and use it with your digital camera or mobile phone. There are two Polaroid mobile printers and one from Fujifilm. I recommend the Fujifilm one because it has Wi-fi which works great.

  4. So this camera doesn’t have wi-fi .. is there any other digital instant cameras with Wi-Fi so we can post photos directly to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter ? I heard Some of those Polaroid instant mobile printers has bluetooth. Any of those printers have wi-fi too ?

  5. That’s expensive for an Polaroid camera. In old days those cameras didn’t cost more than $100 even a brand new one. But I guess time has changed and these cameras are far more better than those old camera models. I used to have a SX-70 and it was a really great camera. Now it’s gathering dust ever since they stopped making film for those cameras. I can’t afford new prices. Don’t want to pay $3 – $5 for just a photo print.

  6. Have you guys heard that there is another Instax Wide camera will be released in this month or next month. It’s called Fujifilm Instax 300, the successor of Instax 210. I doubt it will be a digital camera but photo quality wise it might be better than Polaroid z340. Some says it will be good as Mini 90. I Wonder price will be cheap or more expensive even than this z340.

  7. Why on earth they have raised the price of this Polaroid z340 camera ? I mean it used to be priced $250 and now it’s $299 !! I don’t know who’s crazy idea is this Amazon or Polaroid. My bet is it’s Polaroid, since they are known for doing stupid things like this. Maybe they want to discourage people buying this camera and force them to buy their new Polaroid Socialmatic Camera which has also priced at $299. While Fuji Instax camera getting better and cheaper Polaroid trying to raise prices of their crappy cameras. Way to go Polaroid!

    • Z340 is a pretty good camera and I have no idea why they raised the price. It was worth for $250 but I have two minds about their new price. Maybe like you said they are trying to encourage everyone to buy the latest Polaroid model than this one. But Socialmatic Camera use Mini size paper format and this one use bigger 3 x 4 format. So I don’t see why they would do something like that.

  8. I really wanted to buy one of these z340 because it sounds like a great instant film camera. But waited till prices go down because I thought It’s too expensive for $250. Now it’s almost $300! What’s wrong with these Polaroid buggers ? Looks like they just want to kill their own brand by doing stupid price changes. Even their latest camera is same price !

    I would recommend Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 for anyone who want a new Instant film camera because apart from digital side it has everything you expect from a instant photo camera and more. Also price is only around $150. If you want bigger photo paper then go for the Instax 210 or new Instax 300 camera which cost you only around $130.

  9. It’s really sad to see they have raised price of this instant digital camera. A friend of mine has it and I really like it. But $250 was too much for me so I waited till price goes down. So Polaroid has decided to rise the price. so much for buy the camera. Now I’m thinking about getting a Instax 300 camera which gives you same size photo prints. But That camera is only $130 ! Less than half of the price of this instant photo camera.

    I know I will able to get Instax 210 even for cheaper price but I like the new look of Instax 300. It’s nice and slim. Not bulky at all. It’s not digital but again we use these cameras for Instant photo prints.

  10. I don’t get why Polaroid keep increasing the price of their products. Now this camera is several years old and they have increased the price from $250 to near $300. It’s not like having any super features or anything. Cheap digital processor with a instant photo printer. I don’t think it cost them much to produce it.

    I think Fuji will do a better job when they get to make digital instant cameras. Their analog instant photo cameras are miles better than Polaroid products so we can except same quality from digital products too. After all Fujifilm is a digital camera company and already make quality compact cameras and also DSLR cameras.

  11. So it is same as the old 3 x 4 photo papers ? I mean size wise. Too bad we can’t use this new Polaroid Zink 3×4 photo paper for old camera models like Polaroid 600 series. I have several of those but now just gathering dust because lack of film packs. I know Impossible Project make film for these but $3 per photo print is too much for my budget.

    I want to have a new Polaroid but I really don’t trust them anymore. From past experience we know they don’t care about their customers. Also new camera prices are insane. I thinking about buying one of those Fuji Instax mini 90 camera or new Instax 300 camera. What is better ?

    • Depends on your budget mainly. Mini 90 cost around $150 and Instax 300 is around $100. 300 uses 3 x4 photo format. Mini 90 uses Mini film. Film price is slightly different too.

      Polaroid z340 is really a good Polaroid instant camera. Sadly price it little too high than it should be. Like some of others mentioned I don’t know what they are thinking about increasing price like that. If they really want to complete with Fujifilm then then have to offer something affordable to everyone. I wish they would have do something about old cameras. If they could make film packs which can be used for those. I know it’s a pipe dream but a nice one. 😀

  12. I bought this Polaroid z340 when it was first released to market and I have been very happy with how it works. But it’s been years since then and I think i need to replace batteries because my old Polaroid z340 batteries no longer hold the charge. I couldn’t find replacement battery in my local camera store so have to buy online.

    Also any suggestions which is the best Instant Polaroid camera if I want to get a newer model ? I heard about Polaroid Socialmatic Camera and wonder how good that one is. Any Polaroid Socialmatic reviews ? Also I was thinking about The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90s camera which looks promising. Only down side is the smaller film format and it’s not a digital instant picture camera.

    • Well unless you plan to pay around $300 for Polaroid Socialmatic camera then next best thing is new Fujifilm Instax models like Instax mini 90s, Instax 300 and Mini 8. There is Instax Mini HelloKitty which is quite similar to Mini8 and nice for a girl who like kawaii stuff but won’t be nice for a guy. lol

      Instax 300 use bigger 3×4 format film so it’s a pretty good option if you want larger format photo prints. But downside is none of these Fuji Instant cameras are digital. So no memory cards or checking before print.

  13. does anyone know how to save pics from my computer or android (that are already in the .jpg format) onto an sd/sdhc card and then insert the card into the camera and print? I keep trying to do this with multiple different cards and on my computer it says that the photo is there but when i put it in the camera it says “no image”. Please Help!

  14. I have noticed Amazon has few nice offers for Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera these days for around $200. I don’t know how long those will last though. These Polaroid guys are so unpredictable. Also they have released a cheaper instant cam so they can complete with Fujifilm Instax series. New one is called Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.

  15. Looks like Polaroid Z340 price has gone down. Maybe because their new Polaroid ZIP Instant camera is in market. But if you want a camera for wedding or a cheaper alternative for Photo Booth then still z340 is the best option out there. It’s battery can last longer and also you can use spare batteries.

  16. My mom bought one of these Polaroid z340 for my sisters wedding to use as PhotoBooth. It worked great but battery life is not exactly great for an long event like that. But all you have to do it make sure you have couple of pair batteries and recharge dried out batteries while you use good ones.

    She bought it for around $250 and it seems now price has gone down to $190. I think the alternative list should be updated since now there are several new products in market like Polaroid ZIP and Fujifilm Instax 70. But if you are looking for big photo format camera then only other options out there is Instax 210 and Instax 300 models.

  17. Price has gone up again. Now it shows me $290 ! If I had seen it for 190 I would have bought it for Christmas. It’s pretty cool to have bigger prints than those tiny credit card size prints. Maybe I should wait for next price drop.

  18. I have to agree with most of these other commentators here. Amazon ad doesn’t show the price so I check Amazon site and it says this Polaroid Z340 is around $250, an USED one. A new camera cost around $400. These prices are indeed insane.

    This is a cool Polaroid cam but Sorry Polaroid Co. nobody want to pay this much for a camera like this. I can buy a nice high end Bridge camera for $450.

  19. This camera is little too expensive for average user. There is a new instant digital camera called Polaroid Snap which is lot cheaper and in range of 100 bucks. It’s really good camera for those who looking for a cheap Polaroid camera.

    Difference is it uses smaller photo paper which is similar to Fuji Instax Mini film. Only credit card size. Polaroid z340 uses bigger film format. Also you can’t check your photos before print in new Polaroid cam like in z340. But still you can buy 2 snap cameras from money you have to spend for one z340.

  20. Does this camera still available ? or is there any other Polaroid digital instant camera which use this big film format like old Polaroid 600 film ? I want to get one for a Wedding party. I don’t want mini film since those are too small. I couldn’t find any new items of this model in Amazon. I guess Polaroid have discontinued this Polaroid Z340 camera.

    • It’s discontinued. But you can still find it in online stores. Polaroid hasn’t released a successor for this camera so you won’t get any digital instant camera alternatives for Polaroid Z340. Options you have are Polaroid Originals Onestep 2 camera or Fujifilm Instax 300 WIDE Camera. Both these instant cameras are analog.

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