Fujifilm Hello kitty Camera Accessories Bundle

Fujifilm Hello kitty Camera Accessories Bundle

Important only accessories included in this, NOT the camera.

Fujifilm Hello kitty Camera Accessories Bundle is for everyone who owns a cool Instax Hello Kitty mini camera. It’s one of the cutest Instax cameras out there and also cheap comparing with other Polaroids and also for unique design.

There’s nothing new to tell you about this HelloKitty camera since it’s already detailed before. But if you haven’t read about it then you should know price is low as $86 at Amazon right now (26/07/2015). It’s a great product for any HelloKitty fan or any girl who love cute pink products.

You can see the latest price of product in ad on left or  get more details and photos of products from Amazon sales page  >> Here <<. It’s good to see some companies has started launching cool accessories for Instax cameras.

There are some really cool accessories you can get for use along with this instant photo camera. This post is about a accessories bundle which is made specifically for this cam. The bundle contains item listed below,

  • A custom instant camera case with adjustable strap.
  • A photo album with 64 pockets.
  • A close-up selfie lens.
  • A color lens set (Yellow/Blue/Red/Green).
  • A creative frame set for 5 photos.
  • Wall decor hanging frames for 10 photos.
  • 60 Film decor sticker borders.

All these cost you around $46 (26/07/2014 Amazon price). Bundle has so many items for less than $50. If you buy all these accessories separate then cost would be lot higher. If you are giving this HelloKitty camera as a gift then you should give it with this bundle. It will make it extra special.

Instax Mini Hello Kitty Camera Case

This camera needs a custom built case because of the unique design. Most of those Instax camera casings you find in market don’t fit. So this is why you need a case like one comes with the bundle. If you want to buy only the camera case you can get for around $30. This combo offer is better because you get rest for less than $20 when u pay around $46.

A Close-Up Selfie Lens

Close-up selfie lens is also really cool accessory for your HelloKitty mini camera. Cost you around $12 if you buy it separate. It lets you to focus as close as 40-60 cm from whatever the object. The mirror which is attached helps you to take selfie shots without wasting photo paper. It’s very easy mount and simple to use.

Color Lens Set

I couldn’t find a separate offer for this at Amazon so maybe you can get it only with this combo offer. It’s just a simple color lens set which let you have some cool photographic effects. You get four lens in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green.

Album for Instax Mini Photos

Instax Mini photos are very durable unlike old Polaroid photo prints. But it’s better keep all your photos in an Album and organized. This 64 pocket album you get cost around $12 if you want to buy it separate. It’s a really good quality product.

Instax Mini Frame Set

This is something I really like. You get five very colorful Instax mini photo frames with the bundle. On the back there are two little plastic sticks that pull out and connect together to prop the frames up. You can buy a 5 frame set for around $11.

Mini Film Decor Sticker Borders

Mini film decor sticker borders comes in so many cute designs and you get 60 stickers with the package. Same amount of Sticker sheets can be bought for around $8 – $10 if you only these.

Price Tag

HelloKitty Mini

When Instax Hello Kitty mini camera first came to market, the price was $250. Now it’s around $85 which is an amazing drop of price. Nothing wrong with quality of camera it has all top ratings of every online shop site. So buying this accessory bundle for less than $50 is really worth it because you get all items included for lower price. With both of camera and accessory set together cost you less than $150. If you want to give a new Polaroid Model like Polaroid Z340 or Socialmatic Camera then price would be around $300.

A perfect birthday or Christmas present in my opinion. Something  any girl who loves cute things or Hello Kitty fan would treasure. Both camera and items are very easy to use so even a small kid can enjoy.


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  1. I like that close-up lens which would be a great help for selfies. Like those Mini film frames too. I bought those from a local shop but I had to pay around $3 per frame. I do have a Instax Mini 8 camera which is very much similar to this one from inside. I bought that for $80 and I wish I had waited few more months.

    I love Fujifilm Instax series because prices are very decent compare with new Polaroid camera prices. Simple and cheap. Photo paper quality is great too.

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