Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Pink Case

Pink Case for FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Case

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Pink case is one of the cutest casing I have seen for a while now. There are many other casing for Fuji Instax 8 camera but not with this kind of cute look. Also this case cost you only around $10 -$12. Not just cute but also it will keep your Instax camera safe from dust and unwanted accidental scratches. Also there is an inside soft layer to keep your cameras LCD screen safe from scratches and bumps.

This camera case is specifically made for Mini 8 camera model so it won’t work with other Fujifilm Instax Mini series cameras such as Mini 7s, Mini 25, Mini 50 or Mini 90. You need to find other custom cases for those models which you can find here too.

You can buy this case in five different colors pink, bright blue, light blue, yellow and Retro Map. Price would be little difference depending each camera case so check the Amazon sale page to find prices and other information. Also you can find customer reviews there too.

You might feel its tight when you try to put camera but it’s made like that to keep it without falling. Just carefully insert the camera and you don’t need to take it out after that so it shouldn’t be a problem. This pink case is best for the Mini 8 pink camera model. if you have other color model then check the sales page to see which case is suitable for your camera.

With the yellow color case you are getting a A touch screen stylus pen for free too. I don’t why it’s not offered for other cases but this case is around $18. So if you have the yellow camera can ordering the yellow case you get a nice touch screen stylus pen too. (A funny offer though).



  1. This casing is beautiful indeed! I wonder if it can be used to Instax mini 25 camera which I have. It’s same size as Mini 8, I think. or do they have casings for other instax models too ?

  2. oh What a beautiful case for these Instax Mini cameras. It’s so cute! I wish there was nice casing like that for Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera too. There are some cute stickers available at Amazon for these Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras.

  3. Sorry guys Im not sure if this offer is still available. Amazon sales page show the item and doesn’t say anything but their ad doesn’t show the real item. So check before trying to buy it.

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