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If you owns a Polaroid Spectra Instant Camera then you will be happy to here now there are new instant film for these cameras. I thought to first remind you about impossible project Spectra film. But if you are here to learn more about Polaroid Spectra cameras then here you go.

Spectra System was introduction by Polaroid in 1986. These cameras are known as Polaroid Spectra or Polaroid Image. This series really didn’t become a big hit like Polaroid SX-70 series in 70s or Polaroid 600 series. This series came with many improvements comparing with Type 600 series. But Only difference between Polaroid 600 film and Polaroid Spectra/Image film is size difference. Polaroid Spectra film is 9.2 x 7.3cm rectangular shape while 600 film is square format.

Spectra cameras thought to be taking better quality photos than Polaroid 600 cameras because all the improvements and build quality. Most of Spectra models had 125mm lens giving these cameras a field of view equivalent to 46mm on a 35mm film camera. only exceptions were Macro SLRs and the ProCam.

Even though first Spectra instant film came as 10 exposure packs later they even released 12 exposure packs. These film also known as 1200 film or as Image film. Also just like 600 instant film these had high definition and grid-marked versions too.

Since Polaroid stopped making film for these cameras years ago it’s nearly impossible to film original Polaroid film for these cameras. Even if you find some old expired film then there is a big chance these film might not work at all. So it’s not worth buying those old Spectra film. Fortunately Impossible Project Group has started making this type of film since last year. So you can buy those. Same price like all other Impossible Project film types. 8 exposure pack will be around $25.  It’s not cheap but that’s the best and only option out there.

Anyway if you are searching for a Polaroid camera to buy You have to think again before buying a Spectra model just like any other old Polaroid cameras. Polaroid don’t make film so you have to reley on Impossible Project film which cost you around $3 per print.

There are more than 6 Spectra models out there and some of these are hard to find while rest can be found often in yard sales and E-bay. If you want a camera in good condition and working order better check Amazon since they are usually reliable about used camera deals. Also make sure you know which model to buy since some of these models are not so great.

Here’s the 80s Spectra camera commercial


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