Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid CZA10011 PoGo Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid CZA10011 PoGo Instant Mobile Printer is first digital instant device Polaroid has released since they have stopped production of Analog instant photo cameras. It’s another dying Polaroid product which has been outdated for a while. This mobile printer was the one they use for making first instant digital camera.

Polaroid PoGo mobile printer has most of PoGo camera features such as BlueTooth capability and 2.0 USB connection. But printer doesn’t have a LCD Screen like in the camera. But again it doesn’t need a screen since you spend photos from a phone or other device like laptop. But if you have an Apple iPhone then you might need a hack to use it.

It uses new Polaroid Zero Ink media 2 x 3 photo paper which is similar to Fujifilm Instax mini film packs. Film cost is really low it won’t cost you more than $0.50 per photo print. But it can take only around 15 – 20 photos before battery loose all power.

Replacement Battery for PoGo Printer.

You can  buy a replacement battery for this mobile printer from Amazon for around $20 with free shipping. It’s the same battery which used by other Polaroid products like  Z2300 Camera, POGO Camera etc.

Alternatives Products.

This printer is already outdated and probably won’t work with most of new mobiles. Also these days most smart phones use Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. So the if you want a good mobile instant photo printer than check the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer.

It’s really good product and you can use Wi-Fi with it. Another great thing is Instax Share App works with iOS and Android both. It’s a really improvement because Share SP-1 can connect with most of smart phones and tabs in market today. Only downside I noticed is you need to have that Fuji App to use the printer so you won’t able to print from your Laptop or Desktop computer unless you found a way to install that APP.


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  1. This Instant printer used to be only $50. I bought one for my sister years ago. Now it’s so expensive. As usual exactly what you would expect from Polaroid. Why would anyone want to pay so much for outdated piece of junk ? I think anyone who wants a Instant printer should go for Instax Share SP-1 printer. It has Wi-Fi so it will work with almost all latest smart phones and it’s cheaper.

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