Polaroid Cube Camera

Polaroid Cube HD Action Camera

Polaroid Cube Camera is not an instant camera. It’s another new product from Polaroid and something catching peoples attention. It’s a video cam, a lifelogging camera or action cam. But it’s not something high quality like those GoPro Cams or Sony Camcorders. But this is an cheaper solution for budget users. Specially really nice for kids. But this doesn’t mean Polaroid  Cube HD video action Camera is a toy camera.

Polaroid Cube can shoot Full HD 1080p videos or 720p HD videos. Also you can snap 6 mega pixel photos with it’s CMOS Sensor. Polaroid site has conficting info about the sensor since it says 3MP in some places and 6mP in other places it’s 124-Degree Wide-Angle Lens sounds very cool too. Video is recorded in .mov format so you need to have a player like Apple Quick Time and VLC player to run those or convert into other format using a convert software.

I couldn’t find anything about internal memory but you can use a 32GB MicroSD memory card. video capture resolution are 1920 x 1080 and 1280×720 (30FPS).

Whatever they say I heard from several users this camera is not water-proof or water-resistant. It will survive a light rain and small splash of water if you are lucky but don’t expect too much. This is not a rugged camera. That’s why they offer a waterproof casing for this cam separate.

Polaroid cube camera has a built in lithium battery which let you record videos upto 90 minutes. This is not something good. If battery goes back (Which usually happens) your camera become useless. I don’t get why they can’t just add small removable battery or many AAA battery slot.

The camera has a magnet on the bottom so you can mount it on any metal object. No tripod screw or other type of mounting system. This is another downside which shows it’s not heavy duty stuff.  But there are six mounts offered by Polaroid which you can buy separate. You will need these at least one of these depending on for what you plan to use the cam. So better buy one or all along with the Cube camera.

Price of Polaroid Cube Camera is around $100 with free shipping at Amazon. You can see it’s lot cheaper and affordable than one of those high quality alternatives like GoPro cameras or Sony cams which cost you more than 200+ usd. It’s a okey price for this kind of camera but remember don’t expect too much. It’s just a small cube cam which is affordable and useful for lots of  things.


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