Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is the latest addition to Polaroid instant digital camera line. This camera targeting Teenagers and Youth who are into Social media. You can take photos. share those in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and also print instantly.

This instant camera is pretty much like a smart phone it self. It has  4.5  inches touch screen, 4gb internal memory which can be expand upto 32GB with MicroSD card, built-in Android OS with Browser, Email, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also there are bunch of apps to edit your photos and improve quality before share or print.

Polaroid first unveiled Socialmatic Camera concept back in middle of 2013 but it took more than one year to finalize everything and start production. This one is not exactly a Mini Instant camera like Fujifilm Instax Mini series or Polaroid z3200 or Polaroid 300 cameras. It’s big and weight around 500g.

It has a 14 mega pixel digital camera sensor and also 2 mega pixel rare camera for selfies. That’s not all! Polaroid Socialmatic has a Stereo Speackers and a microphone too.

It’s a true digital instant photo camera than any other previous models because you can save photos internally, Into microSD card or even send photos via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or using a USB cable with you get along with the camera.

It uses Polaroid ZeroInk Instant photo paper which you can buy from Amazon and any other online of local camera stores. This film is lot cheap like it cost you only around $00.50 per photo print. Gives you 3 x 4 inches credit card site photos which is equal to Fujifilm Instax Mini film. Bigger the packs you buy cheaper it will be.

Price is the biggest downside of this camera. It cost around $300 and means it’s more expensive than even Polaroid z340 camera which cost you only around $250.  So this is not exactly a cheap Polaroid Camera or cheap instant camera. Only new feature this camera has but other instant film cameras lack is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connect so you can share photos in Social media or move photos to other devices wireless.

But it’s too expensive for average teenager or camera user. if you want a cheap instant photo camera then still your best choice is Instax mini 8 or Instax 210 cameras because you can buy those for less than $100. But there might be a higher demand for thsi camera just like Fuji expect huge demand for their new Instax Mini Hello Kitty instant camera.



  1. I like the look of the camera and everything and Inbuilt wi-fi is so cool too much seriously, $299 for this ? I could buy a Canon Bridge camera if I have another 50 bucks. I wish Polaroid would focus on making quality cameras for cheaper price. Right now they are doing it in wrong way. I don’t think they can complete with Fujifilm Instax series when it comes to Instant camera market. Fuji has beaten them in their own game.

    Fuji Mini Hello Kitty camera is only around $130 and new Fujifilm Instax 300 can be bought for same or so. Those are not instant digital cameras like these but photo quality is great. Also if someone want digital photos then why they should buy an instant photo camera ?

  2. I have to agree with the above comment. I was so excited when I first heard about this Socialmatic camera but I had to pass when I saw the price. I don’t want to spend $300 for this one. If I could spend $300 then I would get Fujifilm 300 or Mini Hello Kitty and also a nice small digital camera. You can get both for $300. It’s sad what is Polaroid is doing. They are not going to capture instant camera market with these tactics. Fuji Instax series cameras are really great in quality and also price is affordable too. I would recommend anyone Instax cameras but never these new Polaroids.

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