Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty Instant Camera

Instax Mini Hello Kitty Instant Camera

Update : This camera price goes and up and down all the time. So you can see current price in Amazon at below. It will give you an idea of it’s price. For more details click the ad and check Amazon sales page. This is an Amazing new for any HelloKitty fan or if you like to give someone a really cute gift. I don’t know how long the price will stay this low but I don’t think it will go below than this. But to find todays price click on Amazon link and check sales page.

Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty Instant Camera is Fujifilms latest addition to their Instant Camera line.  This cute instant photo camera is released for Fujifilms anniversary and Helly Kitty Brands 40th anniversary. They are planing to sell more than 3 millions cameras in Asia -Pacific region alone. It’s the same Instax Mini 8 camera but with cuter look and higher price tag. But this Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera few few improvements too. These days these Fuji Instax cameras becoming increasingly popular among Youths and Many search for cute pink cameras. This will be a great news for Hello Kitty fans because they are going to love this design. Original package comes with pack for cute pink film, a shoulder strap and a Hello Kitty Sticker card.

It has several really cool new features. There’s a mirror near lens for taking the perfect self portraits. There is a brightness adjustment dial so you can take softened photos with this High-key mode feature. Also you are getting a close-up lens which help you to take photos as close as 35cm to the subject. You can use it to combine with High-key mode to take beautiful photos of flowers and other tiny things.

Other things are quite same as in Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. This camera also use 2 AA batteries and Instax Mini Film. Fuji Web site says fresh pair of alkaline batteries will enough to take 20 photo prints. So Like with Mini 8 we recommend you to buy few pairs of Rechargeable AA batteries along with the camera. You don’t want to find batteries dead in middle of important event and you can’t relay much on alkaline batteries.

Price will be the real downside of this camera. While Mini 8 is around around $65 this one will cost more than $150. So unless you are a big Hello Kitty fan or you are buy it as a gift to a Hello Kitty fan it won’t worth the price. If you just want an instant photo camera then better check other models available. There are better Fuji instant camera models which can be bought for same amount of money.

Fuji Instax Mini Hello Kitty Instant photo Camera could become a big hit among Hello Kitty fans and people might buy this camera just for the cute look. In my opinion it’s really wouldn’t worth if it comes to with over $100 price tag. There are really better camera models like Fujifilm Mini 90s camera which probably is the best instant film camera in market today.  There is also new Instax 300 model which comes with larger photo prints. So you need to decide on what you really want.

Cute Instax Mini Film Packs

If you want to have bit more fun and colorful result you can use these Instax Film with various beautiful borders such as HelloKitty, Comic, Shiny Star etc. These film packs are few dollars expensive than the usual packs with white borders but if you are giving the camera as a gift or you want it for event like a cool party or kids event then using these theme film packs would make it even better. There are more than 20 different themes you can choose depending on your taste. Find the complete List >> Here <<.



  1. Do you guys know FujiFilm released a new Instant film camera model with big film format like z340 use. This new camera is called Instax 300. It uses Instax wide film and loaded with some new features. I dont think it’s market yet so have no idea about prices.

    • I have edited and added the link again. It’s still hard to find in online stories though the price has gone down a lot. Right now price is $150 at Amazon and I don’t think it would go below that. If Anyone waiting for a price drop then now it’s the best time to buy.

  2. It seems at Amazon Mini Hello Kitty Instant Camera price So if anyone want to buy this cute camera this is the time for that. If I had money I would buy couple of cameras and then sell later. I doubt price would stay this low for longer. Sooner or later it will start going upward. I Think it’s a perfect gift for a girlfriend or any girl who love photography.

    • Well Fujifilm plan to sell 3 million of these Hello Kitty cameras and I don’t think they will go out of stock or sold out for a while. But again They might change mind and decide to limit the production later making it’s a rare limited collector edition camera. Anyway you are right about one thing. Right now is the best time to buy this model because price won’t go less than this. Even for this year Christmas it would be better buy one now and keep it. Haha

    • I bought one from Amazon for my niece for 125 usd last month from Amazon. Now it’s it $130. It’s really a nice camera. Only problem is you won’t find a camera case for this hello kitty mini camera. I couldn’t find a suitable one from Amazon. Maybe I will need to take it to local camera store and buy a case. Also it’s not a camera which you can keep in in your purse.

      I hope they will keep this camera in production for a while. I don’t want this cute camera to be a limited edition. I want it to be own by all those Hello Kitty lovers. haha

    • Yes that shouldn’t be a problem since it’s same Instax Mini 8 camera with just bit different outer design. Lens and len barrel are same.

  3. Right now the price is again $124 ! A strange fluctuation in price. What brand of Rechargeable batteries should be used ? Because some rechargeable I bought were terrible. Those wouldn’t hold power more than a day. It’s really suck.

  4. Now Amazon price has gone down to $110 ! Now that’s crazy ! I wonder if it will even go down more. This fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera is really cute and I think the cutest Instax camera so far from whole series. Only problem I have encountered so far is I couldn’t find a proper camera case for this one. Because of the unusual design no of those box type cases fit and big you take a bigger one it just stay too loose.

  5. Now it’s July, 2015 and price is $86 at Amazon ! It’s amazing how far the price has gone down. When I first read about this camera I thought it will because rare and very expensive collectors item. My cousin pointed out Since Fuji plan to sell 3 million cameras price will go down sooner or later but even she didn’t except this kind of price going down.

    Now it has become one of the cheapest instant cameras in market today. Only Mini 8 and Instax 210 are cheaper than this. I want to buy couple of these as Christmas presents to my friends who love hello kitty items. I wonder if price will be keep deceasing.

  6. I love this model too. It looks so unique and cute. I think the cutest instant camera since Polaroid released that colorful Polaroid 600 barbie model. I might buy this too just because I really really want it. I know a big Hello Kitty fan who knows several HelloKitty theme cameras. I sure she will be buying this one too. 🙂

  7. The price should be updated I guess since now Amazon price has gone down to $87. I Almost feel like Fuji should increase the price because this camera looks it worth lot more. I have no idea why they keep decreasing the price. Maybe sales are not so great at they predicted. After all Fujifilm plan to make 3 million of these cams.

  8. Christmas is coming so this might is a great gift for my nieces. It’s affordable and also very cute. I was thinking about buying new Polaroid ZIP instant cams but these cute Instax Mini Hello Kitty cameras look like a better choice. Also Mini film packs are not very expensive. Nice Christmas gift it would to a little girl or Hello Kitty fan.

  9. Ah last week I saw it for just $88 at Amazon and now price has goen up to $92! Maybe the price has started going up again. It’s really cute camera and great for any young girl if you want to give something nice. But way too big for your bag.

  10. wow !! now price has gone down to $75 !!!! This is Amazing. I have never seen any instant camera have such low price this fast. This cute pink camera is not my cup of tea but a great catch for this price. Maybe I should buy couple of these Fujifilm Instax Mini hello Kitty cameras and keep those for my nieces. Their birthdays are coming!

    • Thank you. I changed the price. It’s Amazing and I don’t get why it’s price keep dropping. I thought it’s going to be a limited edition but it seems they have mass produce the model and there is no demand for it like they expected. After all it’s targeting a narrow market. Men won’t buy this model and even from women I think only those who love HelloKitty theme would go for it. It’s kinda big camera just like old Instax 210.

  11. Wow it’s hard to believe this cute camera is so cheap ! I hope it will stay this cheap till Christmas. Might be a great gift from Santa to my daughters. Maybe price will even go down bit more. One can dream ! haha

    • Well I like to say it can’t go below this but the thing is this camera was released to market with a price tag of $250. When it went down to $150 it won’t be cheaper than that but now it’s $72. So Who knows ..

  12. What a cute instant camera. I think this is the most unique model I have seen and the one of the prettiest ! A perfect for a little girlie girl ! Someone who like cute hello kitty stuff or Pink items. I expected price to be at least 150 usd but seems less than 100 usd. Instax film is cheap too compared to old instant film packs like those Polaroid instant film.

    • Yes. This Instax Mini Hello Kitty instant camera is one of those beauties. Nice dedicated design rather than usual stickers.Works great too since it has a Mini 8 inside. Very good camera even thought now you can get Instax Mini9 which is the latest. But that model doesn’t have this kind of designs. Don’t forget to buy one of those Budget packs when you buy Instax Mini film.

  13. Oh this is a lovely cam. I want to buy this one for my Instant camera collection. I already have a Instax Mini 8 and a Instax Mini 9 but the unique design of this one will be a great addition ! It’s hard to believe how cheap this Hello Kitty Instax mini camera. I wonder what’s the reason for it. Maybe it’s not good at it looks ?

    • Instax Mini8 is a basic but a good analog instant camera. Hello Kitty Mini camera is exactly what it is since it’s a Mini8 with a different look. It’s not a limited edition since they have produce too many copies of these. But after a while it will become a limited edition when it’s hard to find. 🙂

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