Polaroid Cameras Are A Waste Of Money

Polaroid Cameras Are A Waste Of Money

Polaroid Cameras Are A Waste Of Money !!! I think you must have heard this many time. This is something you will get from even people who have never seen a Polaroid camera in real. I have seen this advice given to so many people who ask what is the best Polaroid film camera out there or which one is the cheapest instant camera. Usually from Old gurus who haven’t bothers to stay upto date with technology news or those parrots who would just keep saying same thing with no idea what they say.

These old gurus are talking about old Polaroid cameras which are no longer in production.  Polaroid stopped production of old instant film cameras and film years ago when they realize it’s a loosing market. All Polaroid camera owners and fans went basaltic about it but we have to agree it’s the reality. It’s the digital age and everything become digital even cameras. People don’t print photos anymore because everyone save photos in their computers because it’s lot cheap.

BUT  that’s about Old Polaroid cameras. There are new instant film cameras which are released by both Polaroid and Fujifilm. These new cameras are nothing like those old models. Everything has changed. Now there are new technologies and methods to lower the film and camera prices. New instant camera film is lot cheaper and film quality is improved a lot. Polaroid use new print technology called Zink (Zero Ink) and Fujifilm uses a similar technology for their Instax film. Now each print cost only around $0.50 which those old camera film can cost you around $3 per print.

Also Polaroid has taken another step forward in instant photo camera market. Now they make instant digital cameras which let you save photos to a memory card. Basically these cameras are digital cameras with a inbuilt printer. For example Polaroid z340 camera let save photos and check before print those. This is save your prints from wasting and also let you print only photos you want. Also you can use the memory card to bring any outside photos and print those using your camera or move your photos to a computer.

Fujifilm haven’t released any instant digital cameras but they make simple and cheap instant film cameras and also their Instax film is cheap and lot better quality than old Polaroid film. They have new Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera which has more manual controls than any other instant photo camera ever built.  It uses Instax mini film.

Also there are Instant mobile printers which let you print photos from your digital cameras, smart phones, tabs and laptops anywhere when you need. This way you don’t need to carry instant camera with you.  These printers are small enough you can carry in your bag. Both Polaroid and Fujifilm makes these instant mobile printers and you can buy these from Amazon and many online stores.

So I’m sure now you understand that investing money on a Polaroid camera is not a waste of money unless you buy a wrong camera. Do not buy those old Polaroid cameras even when you get  one for less than $10. It’s find if you like to add one to your camera collection but if you plan to use it often then it will be a waste of money because film for old Polaroid models cost you around $25 – $50 per ten exposure pack.

So your best option is buying a new model. Find the best camera for you from available Polaroid digital instant camera models and Fujifilm Instax camera models. These are the cheapest instant film cameras available in market also still in production.  Don’t be discourage just because someone day ” Polaroid Cameras Are A Waste Of Money “. These people have no idea what they are talking about. Just make sure to do your homework and find the right choice for you.


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