Lomo Instant Camera

Lomo Instant Camera

Instant Photography and Lomography both kind of brothers because both these type of cameras share similar features. Also Not everyone interested in these type of cameras  and these were dying breeds.  But since last couple of years both Instant photo cameras and Lomo cameras and gaining their lost popularity. These cameras become a trend among teenagers specially among teen girls and young crowd.

Lomography group has been doing everything they can to develop and promote their cameras and art of Lomography. Their latest project is building their own Instant photo camera which is called as Lomo’Instant. The whole project runs on donations it has received from Lomo fans and public. They have received more than half million USD for this project from fans and they are planing to release this Lomo instant camera by end of this year.

Their plan is to make an instant camera which is packed with features unlike any other instant film camera in market today. From what they say only other camera which can compare with this one is Fujifilm instax Mini 90 camera but Lomo’instant has more features than that one.


Lomo’Instant Camera

This camera will have so many features like attachment lenses and unlimited multiple exposures and so many other features. Here are some of the main features they have listed,

  • Built-in 27mm Wide Angle Lens which will let you to take super cool selfies and close up group photos.
  • Fisheye and Portrait lens attachments package.
  • 3 Shooting Modes, Flash On Auto Mode, Flash On Manual Mode  and Flash Off Manual Mode.
  • Unlimited Multiple Exposures, by combing multiple shots on one frame will give u Amazing Lomo pics.
  • Infinite Long Exposures will be perfect for low light, dawn/dusk and nighttime shooting.

Lomo’Instant Film

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

Another cool thing is it will use Fujifilm Instax Mini film which is available all around the world in almost every country. Also cheaper than many other types of instant film out there in market. Cost per photo print for these Fuji Instax Mini film is around $0.60 and you can by 20 sheet film pack from Amazon for less than $15. Bigger film packs are even cheaper than that. Only other type of instant film which is cheaper than this is Polaroid PoGo photo paper and it’s not available in many places. Also PoGo paper can be used for only Polaroid digital instant cameras like  Polaroid Z3200.


  • Shutter Speed: 1/125s / Bulb.
  • Exposure compensations: +2/-2 Exposure Values.
  • Automatic Flash Output.
  • Powered by AAA batteries.
  • Tripod mount.
  • Aperture: f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22, f/32.
  • Cable Release Mount.

Lomo’Instant Camera Price

For now Lomography think it will be sold for around $120 – $150 but it hasn’t finalized. Also probbly it won’t be avaliable stores around the world or online stores like Amazon for a while since they must have enough orders for several months. Also I think it’s wise to wait for a bit and check reviews and see what users will think about the camera. Lomography is not about quality cameras but the unexpected photos you get so if you are more into normal photography you might not be happy with this camera since they are not known for making high quality cameras. So we have to wait till these Lomo instant cameras comes to market.


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