Polaroid PoGo Photo Paper For Polaroid Z2300 Camera

Polaroid PoGo Photo Paper For Polaroid Z2300 Camera

Can we use Polaroid PoGo Zink Media paper for Polaroid Z3200 camera ? The Anwer is YES. Polaroid do no mention this anywhere in their official site or They won’t say you can if you try to ask their support. They will simply say Polaroid Premium Zink Media paper is recommend. But you can you PoGo photo paper with your Z3200 and it was provided by testing.

When you insert PoGo paper into your Z3200 you will get a message saying Premium photo paper is recommended but just ignore it. There will be slight difference in quality but apart from that you won’t have any trouble printing photos. Another thing is Polaroid saying in their official website Z3200 only compatible with Zink Z2X330 and Z2X350. Both these film are Polaroid Premium Zink paper. It’s just 30 photo pack and 50 photo pack.

As usual Polaroid doesn’t want their customers to use cheaper PoGo photo paper for Z3200 cameras. There won’t be many placed where you can find information about this and certainly not in their official web site. Polaroid is Well known for caring more about profits than their customers.

Anyway There are several difference between PoGo Zink photo paper and Premium Zink photo paper. You can decide which type you want to use after checking those,

  • Premium photo paper are border less but PoGo paper comes with borders just like Fuji Instax Mini film.
  • PoGo photo paper is cheaper than Premium paper. PoGo cost around $0.30 per print and Premium cost about $0.50.
  • Premium paper gives you slightly better quality photo prints than PoGo. It’s not a huge difference just a little bit.

Everything else is same. I think you can use both these paper types depending on for what you use. If you want bigger prints you can use border-less type and if you want to make big number of prints then you can use PoGo paper which is lot cheaper. You buy PoGo print paper packs from Amazon from $10 (30 prints pack) (Click Here) and Premium paper packs from $25 (50 prints) (Click Here) with free shipping.