Polaroid SX70 Land Camera

Polaroid SX70 Land Camera

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There you will find lots of new Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax cameras which are cheaper and also film price is cheaper. But if you came to this page looking for information about Polaroid SX-70 then you will find all details you want about it from this page.

Polaroid SX70 Land Camera is a single lens reflex Land camera which was released in 1972 and it’s the first camera in Polaroid SX-70 camera series. This model has a folding body design it’s the first camera which started SX-70 trend in 70s. This Polaroid instant camera series had been a huge hit for decades until they stopped production in late 90s and when Polaroid 600 series started becoming a better hit and getting more sales. This camera originally used Polaroid film called TimeZero and They stopped production in 2004, few years before they abandoned whole Polaroid analog instant camera line.

There are several SX-70 models which are very similar to this one.  Models like Model 2, Model 3,Sonar AutoFocus and Alpha 1. These might be in different colors and also model has few different features. There were several later models which can not be folded, rigid “box” type SX-70 cameras like Polaroid Land Camera 1000.

This camera model is around 35 years old  and they sold more than 400,000 camera by 1974. So you can buy one from yard sales for $5 and from E-bay for $20. one probably in working condition. But since these cameras are very old you can’t be sure if everything work fine even if the camera is in working condition.  Some Lomography camera companies like shop Holga Direct and Impossible Project Co. sell completely refurbished SX-70 series cameras but very expensive, 400-500 USD per camera. These cameras are not that valuable in my opinion. You can get a Polaroid SX70 Land Camera in mint condition for around $150 from Amazon with free shipping.

If you are looking for instant film for your Polaroid SX70 Land Camera then the best option you have is Impossible Project SX-70 instant film. These are the only alternative film available for Polaroid SX70 Land Camera and any model in this series. Cost per photo print will be around $3 because 8 exposure pack is priced around $25. You can buy these from Impossible Project site and also from some local camera shops. Best place to buy is Amazon because it’s cheaper with free shipping.

If you are looking for a cheap instant camera then this camera might be not for you. Yes you will able to find it very cheap from Yard sales or even from E-bay but Film cost is way too expensive. Original film is not available anymore and even if you find then those won’t work. Because chemicals probably dried out. Only other option is Impossible Project SX-70 film which cost around $3 per photo print. That’s not exactly cheap long term. Unless you are collector who want to add this model to your camera collection better check other cheaper options available.

There are plenty of good and cheap instant photo cameras out there specially from Fujifilm. If you want he cheapest camera when it comes to film price you can go for Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. This one you can get for just $65 from Amazon and FujiFilm mini film cost you only around $0.65 per photo print. Also there is Fujifim Instax Mini 90 camera which cost you around $180 and also use Mini film. This is the best Instant camera in market today.

Also there are other Polaroid Digital instant cameras which you might want to consider.  There are several models which let you print photos as well as save those in to a memory card or send to your mobile using BlueTooth. New Polaroid Zink film are very good and cheaper than old Polaroid film types. 10 photo paper pack would be $10 -$20 depending on format.

Polaroid Z340 is a digital instant cam from Polaroid which has many more features like Saving to a memory card or Printing photos from memory card. Also it let you add various borders to your photo prints. Photo format is 3×4 which is bigger than more common mini film photo paper. It cost you only around 70 cent per photo print. Remember this is bigger photo format. Only downside is this camera is quite expensive for an average user. Cost you around $250 – $300 at Amazon. You can find latest price details from the sales page HERE.

Instax HelloKitty Mini

HelloKitty Mini

One of the most popular options among girls is the Fujifilm Instax HelloKitty Mini camera which has been released in end of 2014. You can see it has a unique Hello Kitty design and core is similar to Instax mini 8. It used to be in market for around $250 in early days but now it cost you less than $100! Yes You can now get it unbelievably low price. Find the latest price of this camera from Amazon sales page  HERE.

Many believed this camera will become a rare collector item which would become ultra expensive. But so far price is not going up and stay low. If you want a gift for a girl or your self a pink camera or Hello kitty camera then this would be a great product because it’s one of the latest instant cams in market today. But prices might not stay this low for long. So if you want an alternative for Polaroid SX-70 then you should consider this cam too.


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