Replacement Battery Polaroid Z340

Replacement Battery For Polaroid Z340

If you need a replacement battery for Polaroid Z340 instant camera or Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer then here’s the battery you need to buy.  Both these Polaroid devices use basic core hardware so the the battery is same too. What you are getting here is a 950 mAh high capacity Polaroid Z340 Lithium-Ion Digital Camera Battery.

Even thought it’s advertized as high capacity battery, 950 mAh is not a lot when it comes to a rechargeable battery. also when it need power not just to take the photo but also for printing it. These batteries will drain fast so if you are going to extra battery then it’s better buying two batteries than one.

One of the biggest reason why people have done low rating for this battery is because it drains pretty fast. But it’s not the batteries fault since this camera takes huge amount of power to shoot and print. Polaroid should come up with a battery with higher capacity if it’s possible. And for now only option you have is buying pair of batteries rather than one.

You can buy this replacement battery Polaroid Z340 from Amazon for $25 with free shipping. Couple of other camera brands has come release same battery but we can’t say how good those batteries and. Also there’s no huge price difference.