Polaroid PoGo Digital instant Camera

Polaroid PoGo Digital Instant Camera

Polaroid PoGo Digital instant Camera is the first ever digitized instant camera came to market. Also this camera is the reason for the death of old Polaroid instant photo cameras like Polaroid 600 series. This model also known as Polaroid Z230E.  This is basically basic digital camera with Polaroid PoGo printer.

Unlike the Polaroid PoGo instant mobile printer, PoGo instant camera doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature. But you can transfer photos through USB. You can’t find any information about cameras sensor but it can’t be more than 5MP CCD. Photo quality is better than old Polaroid Analog cameras but don’t except way too sharp photos like from high0-end digital cameras. This camera is for instant photos so they have focused on that rather than photo quality.

This camera uses Polaroid zero ink photo paper which is also know as  Zink Media photo paper. You can use Polaroid Pogo photo paper or Premium Zink media photo paper which is bit expensive but prints border-less photos. Cost per photo is around $0.50 and that’s lot cheaper that photo cost of old Polaroid cameras. You can buy these photo paper packs from Amazon for cheaper if you are live in USA. Also these photo papers are water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof and peel-off prints.

This camera uses be priced around $200 but now it cost around $400 for some unknown reason. If you are looking for a new Polaroid instant digital camera then you should check Polaroid Z340 camera and Polaroid Polaroid Z2300 cameras which are more latest models. Also these 2 camera models are lot cheaper than Polaroid Z230E model.

Polaroid PoGo camera uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be bought separately too. If you need a replacement battery then you can buy one from Amazon for just $20. You can take around 20 photo prints with fully charged battery so it’s better to have an second battery to use along with the first one if you are going to take lots of photos

Since this camera is a digital camera model you need to use SD memory card to save your photos. Always use a fast memory card to reduce saving time.  Right now the fastest SDHC memory cards in market are Class10 memory cards. You can get 16GB one for less than $20 and make sure to buy from one of well-known brands like Transcend or SanDisk.

Z230E has a 3inch LCD screen and you can use several Printer features like, View and crop images on camera before printing,  print date/ file number, add  borders etc. This camera is cool but no-longer in production. You can buy Better model for cheaper so not the best option if you want to buy a new instant camera.