Where can I buy a Polaroid camera 2014

Polaroid Cameras 2014

Where can I buy a Polaroid camera in 2014?A question I have seen often in social media sites. But are you sure this is what you want? Main thing you need to know is you will never able to get a sharp photo quality which you get from a high end digital camera. Instant film cameras are for taking instant prints from your camera rather than waiting for sending the film to the lab like in old times or send to computer and print. So make sure you are looking for the right camera.  If you need a quality photo camera then go for a digital point and shoot camera not for an instant camera.

Now I have seen this question in so many places like camera forums, Facebook groups and even it has been asked for many times over and over at Yahoo answers. But the problem is you usually get plenty of answers from people who have no idea about this camera market or what’s new in this. You will see same answers over and over since generally, people believe these Polaroid cameras are a waste of time and money.  This might be true about old instant cameras but now this market is getting active again since both Polaroid and Fujifilm are coming up with new cameras. Here are the usual answers you will here for the question, where can I buy a Polaroid camera,

  • You can get one from thrift shops, junk stores, flea markets.
  • Polaroid no longer make the film for these so don’t bother.
  • Try e-bay, you can buy one for less than $5.
  • These cameras are crap, don’t bother.
  • Film for Polaroid cameras are way too expensive now so don’t buy.

If you see this kind of reply then you need to understand these people are telling the truth but have no idea about the current market. They are talking about how things were a few years ago like in 2008 – 2010. Also, they are talking only about ” Polaroid ” cameras which is only a brand name. Correct term for this camera type is Instant cameras and there is another company which make these instant photo cameras. That’s Fujifilm which makes Instax cameras.

All these people are talking about old Polaroid film camera models like Type 100 series, Polaroid 600 series, Polaroid SX-70 series etc. These are old cameras which no longer in production and Polaroid stopped making the instant film for old instant photo cameras. This is why old Polaroid film cameras available for dirt cheap. Manly because of film not available and only types available cost around $3-$4 per photo print.

But if you really want to hear what good options you have if you are going to buy a Polaoid camera in 2014 then you should buy either Polaroid digital instant camera or Fujifilm Instax camera. These two are the best options you have when it comes to quality and price of film. Polaroid instant digital cameras are expensive though. Prices start from $180 to upward.

Fujifilm Instax cameras are cheaper since you can buy one for less than $80 from Amazon. Film price is same as new Polaroid digital instant cameras like Polaroid z340. These cost you only around $060 per photo print. So if you want a camera like these then these are the options you have.

Another thing is many ask where to buy an instant photo camera locally. Even in the USA or Canada, it’s not easy to find Polaroid instant film cameras in local camera stores. Even if you find somewhere it might be old or more expensive than you would get from an online store like Amazon.

Instant mobile Printers

Also, there are instant mobile printers which might be better for you. These instant printers let you print photos from your camera photo , Tab, digital camera or laptop anywhere you need. Almost all of these printers use Bluetooth and new Fuijifilm instant printer can even use wi-fi. These might give you better quality photo prints than from those instant film cameras if you use with a good digital camera. But the price is not cheap. These printers cost you from $100 upward depending on which model you need.

Polaroid has 2 instant mobile printers in the market which are Polaroid CZA10011 PoGo instant mobile printer and Polaroid GL10 Instant 3X4 Mobile Printer. Both these printers use new Polaroid Zink photo papers which are cheaper that old Polaroid instant film. Film cost would be around $0.50.

Also, there is Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 which will be available from June 2014. It will cost around $200 but this one is more promising than any other in the market right now. Fujifilm is good at these stuff than Polaroid.