Most Underrated Instant Cameras Should be Best Sellers

Most Underrated Instant Cameras

Here are the most underrated instant cameras ever released in the past decade or so. Those old Polaroid cameras are not included and only models which use new photo paper are listed. There are so many instant film cameras in the market which you can buy from very cheap to over 200 USD. The undisputed market forerunner is Fujifilm Instax series which is probably the best among instant camera models today. new company Polaroid Originals have its own instant camera series. Also, there are other brands which trying to get into this growing market. Even Leica has released its own instant camera.

There are several amazing instant film cameras among these models which haven’t received the recognition those deserve. These models are cheaper and can do better photos than many other popular instant cameras in the market. You can buy one of these cameras for amazingly low prices and get better photo prints then many other instant cams. So, let’s take a look at these super cool but underrated instant film cameras.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera

Instax Mini 70

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is the top model among the Most Underrated Instant Cameras. Instax Mini 7 is pretty much the successor of Instax Mini 90. But it hasn’t become popular like it’s predecessor. Instax Mini 90 is for more mature users who want more manual options. Mini 70 is mainly for the young crowd. It even has a selfie camera. Instax Mini 90 definitely has more manual options and features. But Mini 70 is twice cheaper and has more features than Mini 8 or Mini 9. Sometimes you can find Instax Mini 70 for even cheaper than Instax mini 9!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty

Instax Mini Hello Kitty Instant Camera

This is another great camera which didn’t become popular as expected. There are so many instant cameras with Hello Kitty theme but this is the only one with a unique Hello Kitty design. Behind this amazing design, it’s an Instax Mini 8 camera. Instax Mini 8 is another great Instant camera from Fuji which used to be one of the best sellers. It was expensive but the price gradually dropped over the years. This Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera would be a great gift for any Hello Kitty fan. A perfect gift for any occation for a young girl. Probbly in a dacade or so this might become a collector item too.

FujiFilm Instax Mini 50s

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S camera of the best instant camera in its age. But it was a little too expensive when it was released. To make it worse Fujifilm released a basic instant camera same time, which was Instax Mini 8. So many bought the Instax Mini 8 rather than spending few more for the Mini 50S.  The camera was smaller than other Instax cameras of its time such as Mini 7s and Mini 25. Also, this model looks different. It had a very nice elegant look. It doesn’t have the cute but toy camera look some basic Instax models have. Now you can’t compare Mini 50s with Instax Mini 70 or Mini 90. Both those cameras are better and have more features. But if you only need basic instant camera then this is perfect if you find it under 100 USD.



  1. I find these all Fujifilm Instax cameras are way superior to any Polaroid camera when it comes to quality. Fujifilm as real camera manufacture they know how to do a good camera. I think Instax Mini 70 is a great camera for if you want a good instant camera under 100 USD. It might not have soo many features like this Mini 90 but it’s better than any other instant camera in the market. Plus this cam doesn’t look like a toy camera unlike those basic Instax Mini cameras such as Mini 8 or 9. It’s Amazing you can buy a Mini 70 for same or less price as Mini 9. If I have to choose between these 2 then it’s a no brainer which is to pick. Mini Hello Kitty looks very nice for a girl or as a gift for a girl. A very unique design.

  2. I think Fujifilm Mini 90 camera should be in this list too. Yes, it used to be bit expensive but now it’s cheaper. It’s a really nice camera for it’s size and price. Has to many features and options too, compared to other basic models like Mini 9. I really love it’s design.

    • I didn’t add it because I don’t think it’s underrated. It’s just little bit expensive than a usual INSTAX model. But personally I think it’s one of the best instant cameras ever made. I also do love the design. )

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