Polaroid Z2300

Polaroid Z2300

Polaroid Z2300 camera is Polaroids latest mini instant film camera and also it’s a digital instant camera. This camera looks much like their old Pogo camera which is also known as Polaroid Z230E but they recommend new 2×3 Premium Zink  photo pager. If you want to a Polaroid camera then you should buy this one rather than one of those old Polaroid instant cameras like Type 600, SX-70 or any other analog camera models. Old cameras will cost you a fortune when you buy film for those since only Impossible project makes instant film for those cameras.

Sometimes people get confused about Z3200 because it looks very much like the first Polaroid digital instant photo camera which is Polaroid PoGo camera. For some reason PoGo camera is very hard to find and very expensive. It must be because Polaroid no long er has it for sales in their site and also instant film for this model is very cheap.

This camera as some features which other instant photo cameras like Fujifilm Inatax series don’t have.  All these new features because be is one of the only Digital instant cameras out there  in market. This is one of only three digital instant photo camera models which you can buy.


  • 10 MP Digital.
  • 3.0-inch bright color LCD Screen.
  • up to 32GB SDHC card compatible.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Speaker and  microphone.
  • Crop photos and add preset filters (sepia, black and white, and more).

Film for Polaroid Z2300 camera

Polaroid 2x3" Premium ZINK Photo paper

Polaroid recommend you to use Polaroid 2×3 premium Zink photo paper for this camera. It’s an Improved quality version old Polaroid PoGo Zink photo paper and also unlike PoGo these has no borders. Very similar to Japanese made Fujifilm Instax Mini film by both quality and price.

A 30 photo Polaroid 2×3″ Premium ZINK Photo paper pack can be bought for $15 with and 50 photo paper pack for $25 with free shipping from Amazon. Cost per photo paper is only around $0.5. This is the one of the main reasons why you should buy a Instant film camera which is a latest model and use current film like Zink Media Film or Instax Film. Not only cheaper than old Polaroid film but also better quality.

Polaroid web site doesn’t say anything if you can use with PoGo zink photo paper with this camera. That type is even cheaper than this but not border-less.  You can always give it a try it won’t do any harm except you will loose $15 if the film doesn’t work with your z3200 camera. Or you can stick with Polaroid 2×3 premium Zink photo paper which also cost only $0.50 per photo.

Polaroid Z2300 Camera Price

Polaroid digital instant cameras are not cheap like Fujifilm Instax series. All these cameras are expensive. If you want to buy this camera from Polaroid website it will cost you around $300 + shipping. But Amazon has this camera for $180 with free shipping. It’s better buying from Amazon since they have a good return policy and you can buy couple of 2×3 premium photo paper packs too for cheap.