Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Instant Camera is Leica’s choice for the instant film camera market. Since so many camera makers have released instant cameras they had to do it too. This is not a simple, cheap instant camera. Leica Sofort has more features than a cheap instant camera like Fujifilm Instax Mini series cameras. But, it comes with a big price tag. This model looks similar to Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and better looking.  It’s a quite nice camera which can do decent photo prints. But the question is if it really justifies the high price.

Does Leica Sofort have Leica Optics?

Since this is a famous Lecia camera many believe it comes with high-quality Lecia lens. But the truth is this model is made in China. Same goes for the lens. So don’t expect anything exceptional. But for an instant camera, it can take pretty good photos. If you want super sharp photos then use a digital camera and print those using an Instant Printer. They haven’t released another one since then so this might be their one and only instant camera released.

Film Packs For Sofort Instant Camera

There are Leica Sofort film packs in the market but these are re-branded Instax Mini film just like what Polaroid did for Polaroid 300 Film. So basically you can use FujiFilm Instax Mini film for your Leica Sofort instant camera too. Plus Leica probably wouldn’t be selling new Leica Sofort film packs anymore since the camera did not become a hit. Once those instant film packs are sold out you will have to buy Fujifilm Instax mini film packs. But it’s not a bad choice at all. It actually a cheaper solution. Why should you pay more for just brand name if what’s inside it same?

Leica Sofort Instant Camera Features

When it comes to features there isn’t anything new. Pretty much basic stuff you find in instant cameras in the market today. Probbly the best feature about this camera is it’s a modern but classic design. It has a more expensive look than those cheap Polaroid cameras in the market or even compared to most of Fujifilm Instax series cameras. It has no manual controls which someone might expect from an instant camera in this price range.

  • Comes in white, orange and mint colors.
  • BP-DC17 Li-Ion Battery.
  • Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/12.7 Lens.
  • 3-Zone Manual Focus System.
  • 0.37x Optical Viewfinder with Target.
  • 1/8 – 1/400 sec. Mechanical shutter.
  • A built-in flash with a later firing speed.
  • 8 different modes.

Is Leica Sofort Worth The Price?

This is the real question? Are you willing to pay a high price for this instant camera? Clearly, the price is 2x or 3x higher than same range cameras in the market today. Unless you are a big Leica fan or love the design, it’s quite hard to justify the price. Especially when you can buy an instant film camera like FujiFilm Instax Mini 70 or Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 for lot less. This is a beautiful camera no question about it. But beauty comes at a very high price. More like you are paying for the Leica brand name. In the most Amazon reviews, they say it’s a pretty much Instax Mini 90 in little bit different design.

What Better Alternatives Are In The Market

Depends on what are you looking for. There are instant digital cameras like Polaroid Pop, Polaroid Snap among Polaroid Cameras in the market today. Also, there are new analog Polaroid Cameras such as Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 and Polaroid Originals OneStep+. Then there are Fujifilm Instax series cameras like Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and Instax Mini 70 which will give u exactly same features. If you need a bigger photo format than Mini Film then there is FujiFilm Instax 300 instant camera.

If you are interested in a cheap instant camera then the best option is the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera. But These days you can find Instax Mini 90 and Mini 70 for less than 100 USD as some sites like Amazon. These 2 models are older than Mini 9 but have a lot more features.

If you are looking for a cheap Polaroid camera then you don’t have too many choices. Only good choices out there are those 2 models mentioned above. Polaroid Snap is a pretty good cheap Polaroid camera but it’s digital. Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 and OneStep+ models are good too. These two models use new Polaroid 600 Film which is now re-named as Polaroid Originals 600 Film.

Which Instant Cameras You Shouldn’t Buy

Any Instant Camera cost over 200 USD might be not worth the investment because there are soo many good instant film cameras in the market for cheaper. Another Big No No is buying those old Polaroid cameras. These cameras are too old and some of these doesn’t even have film packs available anymore. Also, think twice if you are going to buy a Polaroid Spectra Camera. Even Though Polaroid Originals suppose to make the film for these cameras they don’t do it currently. Also, Don’t buy Polaroid 300 Camera which is basically re-branded Fuji Instax Mini 7s model.



  1. A beautiful camera but I don’t think the price justify the quality. Leica is an high end camera brand but do they have their own high quality lenes in this ? It’s not one of those cheap instant cameras that’s for sure. I think I would go for something like Instax mini 90 or Instax Mini 70 which are lot more cheaper instant cameras.

  2. I saw the price at Amazon and It’s little too expensive for my taste. It’s beautiful camera and it should be a quality cameras since it’s a Leica. I mean I don’t think they would damage their brand name by releasing a crappy instant camera. But like others say I don’t think I can justify the price tag. When you can get a high quality instant photo camera from Fujifilm for lot less, why pay more for a camera which has same quality. But I guess those who love Leica would go for it. But even Polaroid now has a good instant camera called Polaroid Originals Onestep 2.

  3. The camera looks very nice but too expensive for my taste. I’m a big fan of Instax series and I don’t see a single reason to spend so much for an instant camera like this when you can have the quality from a camera which is less than 100 USD. But I have to admit I haven’t used this Leica Sofort Instant Camera but I have seen photo prints taken with it. I haven’t seen anything special which this camera makes special. It has a very classy look though. haha

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