Polaroid Originals Film The best money can buy

Polaroid Originals Film The best money can buy

Polaroid Originals film is the only instant film you need for your classic instant camera models like Polaroid 600 series, Polaroid SX-70 series, and Polaroid Spectra series. You don’t need to look for alternatives because this the best and cheapest you get in the market today. If you have one of these cool Polaroids cameras then just get right film from below links and enjoy. It’s simply the best. you gonna love it.

When Polaroid Co. went down in 2007 or 2008 I was in a panic. What I would do with my Polaroid collection without film? Then came the Impossible Project which has saved Polaroid fans. So after a half decade, they have taken over the Polaroid CO. itself! Impossible Project made lots of improvements on Polaroid Film and made it way better than what it used to me. Those old Impossible project film packs still can be found in the market. But don’t by those film packs. These new Polaroid Originals film packs are way better.

Polaroid Originals Film is the cheapest?

Yes. Polaroid Originals Film is the cheapest Polaroid instant film in the market for those analog instant cameras. You won’t able to get anything else for cheaper. Like 8 years ago, camera owners had to buy Old film such as Polaroid 600 for over 40-50 USD per pack. These were sometimes decade-old film which even not working anymore. But Polaroid fans had no choice or alternative film available. That was till Impossible Project Co. started making their own film.

How many types of Polaroid Originals Film Available?

It’s the same old 3 types of film packs available at Impossible Project Co. Film packs available only for Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid Spectra instant cameras. I know Collectors want them to make the film for other instant camera types but unfortunately, no machinery is available for that. Old Polaroid company discarded for those machines a long long time ago. So if you have those old Polaroid cams like Model 95, or Polaroid Joycam then you are not so lucky. Now, if you have a Polaroid Automatic Land camera made in the 60s and 70s then you might have some luck. Those instant cameras use Peel-Apart film which Polaroid Originals don’t have. But, Fuji FP-100C and Fuji FP-3000B Film will work just fine with a few small changes.

Polaroid Originals Film vs Fujifilm Instax WIDE Film

If you already have a Polaroid camera then there is no other choice but buying Polaroid Originals Film, Since there are no alternatives. But, if you are looking for a cheap instant camera and cheap instant film option I would say go for Fujifilm Instax instant cameras and film. The size equivalent for Originals film is Instax WIDE Film. If you compare the price you can buy 2 WIDE photo prints for the price of 1 Polaroid photo print. I think that’s a big difference if you are searching for cheapest instant camera solution. You can’t use Instax WIDE film for your Polaroid 600 camera or any other Polaroid instant cameras. Quality wise Instax WIDE Film is better. Fujifilm Instax 300 instant camera is the latest cam which uses Instax WIDE film. That camera can be bought for less than 130 USD in many stores.

Polaroid Film Cheaper than Polaroid Originals?

There are no cheaper options for your old Polaroid camera but if you like to go for a new camera then there are options. There are several cheap Polaroid camera models in the market which are quite new. All of these are Digital instant cameras. New Cams use a new film technology called Zero Ink Photo technology. These new Zink Film packs are better in quality and cheaper in price. The only downside is Photo size is smaller than Polaroid 600 or Polaroid SX-70. New photo paper is equivalent to FujiFilm Instax Mini Film. Now there is a slightly bigger Polaroid Zink Film format too.  There used to be bigger format Polaroid instant digital cameras but those are expensive. So if you want to cheap Polaroid camera then try something like Polaroid Snap.

Other Cheap Instant Cameras and Film

If you are not hell-bent on Polaroids then there are other options in the market too. For example, Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera which is one of the cheap instant camera models in the market now. But I would go for one from Fujifilm Instax series. These cameras have been always in better quality. Also, the Instax Mini Film is quite cheap and available everywhere compared to other types of film including Polaroids. There are so many new and cheap Instax cameras such as Instax Mini 8, Instax Mini 9 and the best instant camera under 150 in my opinion, Instax Mini90. Do you have one of those Polaroid 300 cameras and have a hard time finding Polaroid 300 film for it? use Instax Mini Film which is identical.



  1. I bought All 3 types of Polaroid Originals film for my old Polaroid camera collection. New Polaroid instant film is quite good. I don’t see massive improvement from Impossible Project film but these film packs are a lot better than old Polaroid film. I noticed many complain about the quality. I think the problem is with those people than the film itself. Many of them have bought an Old Polaroid from eBay or a yard sale and expected the film to perform miracles. Some old Polaroid users have also seen complaining film prints and not as good as digital photos from new cameras. None of these guys haven’t understood the film packs can’t go beyond limitations of the camera. In some cases, it’s just because the user has no clue how to handle an instant camera and take decent photos. If you really expect digital photo quality then go for an Instax camera. That’s the close as you will get from an instant photo print.

  2. I don’t see a big difference between Polaroid Originals film and Impossible project film. But I have used only the Polaroid 600 film type.I don’t have a Spectra camera and the SX-70 camera I have seems dead. nevertheless, I’m really grateful for these companies because without them keep these film packs available in the market most of these old vintage cameras were long gone. Right now I have just one of those old Polaroid sun 600 cameras. I’m thinking about buying a Polaroid Originals Onestep 2 instant camera. It looks like a really nice instant camera.

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