Polaroid One600 Classic

Polaroid One600 Classic

Polaroid One600 Classic camera belongs to the Polaroid¬† Integral 600 Series and came to market in 2004. It’s another camera which uses famous Polaroid 600 instant film. This camera use released for market targeting average users so most settings are automated. No control turning flash on and off. Also no exposure compensation switch. These things are not important anymore since this camera are no longer in production and not worth buying. Polaroid has stopped analog instant camera production in 2008 along with instant film production so you won’t able to film new Polaroid 600 instant film. Whatever you find in market are expired old Polaroid instant film which might not work at all.

You can take photos 3 feet from camera. Also it has a Self-timer and camera body is similar to Polaroid Spectra cameras. Camera has a a digital LCD picture counter and shutter speed is 1/3 to 1/200 sec. Maximum Aperture is f12.9. Focal Length 100 mm.¬† It’s a simple camera will not many features or options. Very easy to use too, all you have to do is point and press shutter button.

You can find a Polaroid One600 from a thrift shop for $20 and also from E-bay for same price or upword. This camera originally released to market with a $100 price tag.¬† You c an get a camera in mint condition from Amazon for around $150 with free shipping. But unless you are an collector it’s not really practical to buy this camera. It’s an nearly 10 years old camera and film is hard to find. Original Polaroid 600 film pack cost around $50 (10 sheets) and only other option is Impossible project type 600 film.

If you already have this camera and looking for film then you are lucky. Even though Polaroid has stopped making film for 600 series camera Impossible project group still production same type of film. Impossible Project type 600 film pack with 8 exposure cost around $25 and you can get those from their own site or from Amazon. Buying from Amazon might be cheaper for you if you are in USA or Canada because they offer free shipping. Also some worlds biggest cities like New York, London, Paris has their local Agents and shops if you want to buy from a real store.

Remember to keep these film below room temperature. The best place is bottom of your fridge. Keeping film packs out side might ruin those so take these out only when you are going to use. Also if you have an One600 classic and it’s not working better buying a new camera than trying to get it repaired.

If you are looking for alternative instant cameras for Polaroid One600 classic camera then then best and cheapest option you have is Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 which cost you only $65 at Amazon, Fujifilm mini 90 which cost you around $180 at Amazon (This is the best instant camera in market now). Also there are Polaroid digital instant cameras like Polaroid Z2300 and Polaroid Z340. These cameras are more expensive than Fujifilm cameras.

That’s all you need to know about this camera model. If you are looking for an cheap instant camera then this is not the one for you. You might find a cheap camera but film cost is way too much. The question you might ask your self is are you willing to spend $3 per photo print you take ? Even if you are willing pay then buying old used one600 is a risky deal because if the camera stop working only option you have is throwing it away.


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