Prynt Case Instant Mobile Printer

Prynt Case Instant Mobile Printer

Prynt Case Instant Mobile Printer is crowd funded project at Kickstarter. Developers raised $1,576,011 from 9,023 backers for this project. Now this Instant printer is available at online stores like Amazon for mid $xxx. You can see the current price in Amazon advert. It doesn’t work exactly like an instant camera.

There are different models of Prynt Cases made for Apple phone and Android phones. Once you download the Prynt App you can create a 5 second video and  2×3 format photo print. This video is attached to the photo print through the app. When you look at the print through phone you will see tiny video play in display. It’s a new concept and nice way to keep memories stores not just printed but also alive.

This instant mobile printer uses Prynt ZINK photo paper. That’s same Polaroid Zink Media photo paper in a different looking box with Prynt name on that. Photo paper is really good quality stuff. Some reviews shows that some customers are not very impressed by the photo quality. We can’t blame Prynt since Polaroid and Fujifilm have plenty of experience creating instant cameras and also they have big budgets for research and develop. The problem is the price you way for this gadget might not worth and people expect more quality.

There are other instant mobile printers in market such as Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, Fujifilm Instax Share SP 2 printer, SkyMall Mobile Wi-Fi & NFC Photo Printer etc. All the models are in same price range or you might even get lot better offers. On the other side photo quality is lot better.

Case has an in-built battery which can be charged by a USB cable. This is something I personally not happy about. In long run, it’s always better to have separate batteries. This way you can replace batteries when those get weak. Lithium rechargeable batteries get weak after a while and hold power less and less time. So I can’t say this is a nice move.

Prynt Case Instant Mobile Printer App

Before using the printer you need to download and instant Prynt app. Apple and Android have different versions which you can download from iStore or Google play store.

Privacy Problem

Prynt saves a small gif file or video of photo and upload it to their cloud server. This is not something you can avoid or disable.  They say their severs are 100% secure, but we can’t be sure about that. Even the most secure FBI severs attacked by hackers time to time. Also We have seen so many Celeb photo scandals happen. If you don’t want your photos to hosting in a cloud server then better avoid buying this gadget. Sadly no other way around for this problem.

Alternatives for Prynt Case

Other instant mobile printers in market should be fine as an alternative. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer and Fujifilm Instax Share SP 2 printer are the latest printers in market.

You can just go for a cheap instant camera or cheap Polaroid camera instead. Polaroid Snap camera cost only around $xx. Polaroid Z340 with 3×4 format prints is bit more expensive. But these are instant digital cameras. Fujifilm Instax series are cheaper analog instant cameras. Several good Instax series cameras,

Maybe they will reduce the price of Prynt Case in future but right now it’s little too expensive for what it does. So make sure to look at other options in market.


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