Impossible Project I-Type Film

Impossible Project I-Type Film

Impossible Project I-Type film packs are their latest product along with Impossible Project I-1 instant photo camera. These new film packs doesn’t have an inbuilt battery. This is the main different from Polaroid 600 film and New Impossible Project I-Type film.

So you can say I-Type film and I-1 camera is next generation of Polaroid 600 series. Old 600 cameras don’t have battery. 600 film pack had it and everything was powered by this battery in film pack. But it was not so good in practice. Film packs life span gets shorter since if battery is dead you have to throw the whole pack away.

You can buy either Color film packs or B & W film packs. Price is same. If you buy as a bundle then price will be less. Prints will be released from camera in less than 1 minute. But color prints will take around 20 minutes to fully develop. B&W film take less, 5-10 minutes to fully develop. New I-Type film is cheaper than standard Impossible Project 600 film and other 2 types. That’s because new film doesn’t have battery inbuilt. Also new film uses latest b&w and color chemistries to produce photos better quality photo prints.

I-Type film CAN NOT use in Polaroid 600 cameras. So if you are shopping for Polaroid 600 camera film then buy only Impossible Project 600 film. In some websites I-1 instant photo camera was mention as a Polaroid 600 camera and mentioned type 600 film can be used. This is not true so make sure you buy correct film.

Impossible Project I-Type Film Camera

Impossible Project I-1 Camera

Like mentioned before Impossible Project I-Type film is for Impossible Project I-1 camera only. This camera works pretty much like one of those old 600 series cameras but more like a improved version. Film format is similar to Type 600 film. But quality is way better. Since the camera has it’s own battery no need worry about dead film packs or battery prematurely dried up by camera accessories like Flash. Only downside is I-1 instant photo camera is little expensive than other analog instant cameras in market today. If you really love to have a camera with a vintage look and also similar to those those old Polaroid 600 cameras then this is the best choice you have. It’s better than buy one of those old out of date Polaroid cameras.

What are the other Impossible Project Film available ?

Impossible Project makes 3 other types of instant film for old Polaroid cameras. All these film make from Polaroid machinery they were able to salvaged from decommissioned factories after Polaroid Co. closed analog film and camera production.

  • 600 filmImpossible Project 600 film is the only alternative film available for Polaroid 600 instant cameras.
  • SX-70 Film –  If you have a Polaroid SX-70 camera then Impossible project SX-70 is film is the option available.
  • Spectra Film –  Impossible Project Spectra Film is the only film available for Polaroid Spectra , Polaroid Image cameras.

Cheap Polaroid Cameras ?

I-1 is not among cheap instant camera models out there in market today. So if you want something cheaper then check these cameras,


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