Fuji FP-100c Instant Film

Fuji FP-100c Instant Film

Fuji FP-100c Instant Film has been the only alternative Peel-A-part film available for Polaroid pack film cameras. This type of film said to be better quality and Polaroids original packfilm and for years used to Professionals for Testings during photo shoots. These  ISO 100 color film works extremely well under many lighting conditions.

Film size is 85(W) x 108(H) mm and Picture size is 73(W) x 95(H) mm. There are 10 exposure a single pack just like in a Polaroid instant film pack. This film is optimized for shooting under sunlight or electronic flash.

You can not use this type of film for Polaroid 600Polaroid SX-70 or Polaroid Spectra cameras. For those cameras only option is Impossible Project film packs. Film and photo format is different. Also these packs don’t come with battery.

Fujifilm FP-100c is a high gloss color version. There is also a textured version called Fuji FP-100c SILK which is very rare these days. It’s next to impossible to film this textured version in market these days. If you are interested in Black & White film then check Fujifilm FP-3000B  type. Unfortunately they have stopped producing FP-3000B film few years back. But still you can find these in market today.

Sadly it looks like Fuji has finally decided to stop production of FP-100c film too. This has disappointed thousands of Polaroid fans who use pack film cameras and this type of film. There is even a Fan community has started under the name of savepackfilm and they are doing a petition against Fujis decision. There aren’t much hope for starting production again since there isn’t a high demand for the film.  Maybe just hope someone will able to buy those machinery from Fuji and restart the production like Impossible Project did for Polaroid 600 film.

Fuji FP-100c Instant Film Cameras

Even though there aren’t any new Instant cameras which use this type of films you can find over 2 dozen old Polaroid cameras which use FP-100c peel a part film. Here’s the list,

Classic, Deluxe, EE100, Elemental, M60, M80, Model 100, Model 101, Model 102, Model 103, Model 104, Model 125, Model 135, Model 180, Model 190, Model 195, Model 210, Model 215, Model 220, Model 225, Model 230, Model 240, Model 250, Model 315, Model 320, Model 330, Model 335, Model 340, Model 350, Model 355, Model 360, Model 420, Model 430, Model 440, Model 450, Model 455, Premium, ProPack, Standard, The Reporter

So if you have one of these cameras you are lucky so far. These cheap Polaroid camera models can be bought for less than $20 from charity stops and ebay.

But if you are really looking for a good quality cheap instant camera then check latest Instax camera models. Polaroid has new instant digital camera models which let you save your images into a memory card or move to a computer. Popular Polaroid models in market today are Polaroid z340, Polaroid Snap and  Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. New models use new Zero Ink Photo paper which is lot cheaper and more durable than old Polaroid film.

Fujifilm Instax series has some really good cameras for cheap price. Check Models like Instax Mini 70, Instax Mini 90 or Instax 300 which use 3×4 format WIDE film. There is a cute Instax Hello Kitty Mini Camera for Hello Kitty fans and girls who like cute pink items.


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  1. I also have one of that Polaroid Automatic 420 Land cameras which use peel-apart film. It’s been converted so I can use FujiFilm FP-100c Instant Film packs. But Fuji no longer makes this type of film and what’s available in the market becoming expensive. I don’t buy these packs anymore since I can’t afford those. It’s really sad to see these last of the Polaroid vintage instant cameras become obsolete one by one. I guess this is what happens to Spectra film too since Polaroid Originals has stopped making it. Soon there will be film available only for Polaroid 600 and Polaroid SX-70 cameras.

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