Polaroid 600 Film

Polaroid 600 Film Cheap


Polaroid 600 film might be the most popular type of instant film ever made. This type of film packs were used in 600 series cameras Polaroid made since late 70s. 600 instant film used in Polaroid cameras from Sun 660 to the probably the last Polaroid 600 camera, One600 Classic series. But all the fun ended when They decided to shut down their factories in 2008 announcing there won’t made Analog instant photo cameras or film for old camera models. This was a quite a shock for Instant cam users and People ended up with cameras which has no film available to buy.

Old Polaroid 600 film

But you can still find old Polaroid 600 instant film in online stores and ebay. These are offered for unbelievably expensive prices. pack of 10 film cost around $50 or more. Means each photo cost you around $10. Even if you are willing to buy for that high price the biggest problem is you can’t be sure if these old expired film would work or not. There are so many reasons why it might not work like chemicals might have dried out or half of the film might have become duds.

Also this type of film has to be kept in cold storage. If not probably stored then there is a huge change film has been already ruined and useless. There are so many people selling type 600 and other type of film in ebay for even cheap prices but with no returned accept. Now you have no idea where they found these film. Maybe from someones attic where those were gathering dust for years. So if you are buying original Polaroid 600 film then make sure you know the risk you take.

Impossible Project 600 Film

But there is one good news. Group of Polaroid fans and ex workers started this company called Impossible Project to make new instant film for old Polaroid instant photo cameras. So far they a have found machinery for Polaroid 600, SX-70 and Spectra film and making those.

Impossible Project 600 Film is the best alternative you have to original Polaroid 600 instant film. There isn’t anything else expect for old expired film. You can buy both Black & White film and Color film. You can buy these from Impossible project web site and also from their local agents if you there is one in your city. Also these film available in Amazon too which might be the cheaper option with their free shipping offers.

They have been making these film for years but make sure to buy latest film because their old film is not so great in quality. They used to have several types and in ISO but now they only have two film packs. Black & White for 600 and Color for 600. These packs has 8 film unlike 10 film in Polaroid packs. Packs with plain white borders are the cheapest and there are other packs with different color borders too. Film cost is lot less than old Polaroid film.

They have released several versions of Type 600 film since 2009 so make sure to buy latest version of Impossible Project 600 film. Check the Amazon page for find out price and information about latest film packs.

You can see how old impossible Project film looks in this video

Cameras which can use Polaroid film 600

Only 600 series cameras can use Polaroid film. No other camera can use This type of instant film so make sure you are buying right type of film for your camera. You can’t use New Polaroid ZeroInk film with Old cameras and Also you can’t use Fujifilm Instax Wide film. Polaroid or Impossible Project film packs are the only thing available. You can buy new instant film for Spectra and SX-70 cameras from Impossible Project.

Cheapest Instant Film

Type 600 film is not cheap anymore even new film make by Impossible Project is too expensive for an average person. If you want cheaper solution then best thing you can do it buying a new Polaroid instant Digital camera such as Polaroid Z340 ; Polaroid Z2300 or go for Fujifilm Instax cameras. All these cameras use film made with new technology so you get better quality photos and also cheaper like $0.50 per photo print.

New Instant photo film from both companies a far more greater in quality unlike old film. You need to keep these in a dry place but not in fridge. Also Photo prints are tear-resistant,  water resistant and Smudge-proof.  With new technology these are made to Long lasting plus to resist fading from exposure to light and from heat & humidity. Some film types comes with a sticky back so you can applied to a scrapbook or journal or even to a birthday card.


  1. I don’t know why still people asking in places like Yahoo answers where they can buy old Polaroid 500 film. Why don’t try a simple Google search ? People wasting money buying these old expired film packs while there are new film sold by Impossible Project Co.

  2. So what is the difference between those old Impossible Project 600 film packs and new packs ? My local camera store still selling those old packs. My friend has a Polaroid 600 Sun camera and use Impossible project film packs (Old version). I can’t say result are very good. I hope this new version is better.

    • Impossible Project keep improving their instant film technology. So latest versions mean better quality photo prints.

    • Did you try the latest version of Impossible Project 600 instant film ? These new packs are lot better than early versions. No duds and also prints are lot clear than in old film.

  3. With the Impossible Project 600 film you need to be careful about exposing it to light right after. I generally wait 10-15 mins before checking. If you don’t keep it in a dark place it is more than likely to turn out bad with weird tones or discoloring. Impossible has a Frog Tong attachment that covers the photo right when you take it and is reusable. I just use a small sketch pad and slip it in there. Also the B&W develops a lot faster. Have you tried the monochromatic ones? Red and Black, Pink and Black, etc.? Would love to try them.

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