Hello Kitty Camera

Hello Kitty Camera

Before talking about Hello Kitty camera types we should know little what the heck is this. Hello Kitty one of the most popular fictional characters ever existed and none other had financial success as this one in such a short time. This is something which has become a huge trend among girls from five years olds to any age. Maybe it’s because females love cats, at least most of them and almost all females love cute things. Hello Kitty is an intellectual property belongs to Japanese company Sanrio and created by Yuko Shimizu.

Now back to the title, when we talk about Hello Kitty cameras there are 1000’s of models out there. Also there are many Half dozen of Hello Kitty Instant cameras out there too. One of the biggest problems about these cameras is even thought they look really cute you might find they are not high quality when it comes to taking photos. It’s the true story of 99% of cameras out there related to this theme. Most of those are made for targeting kids so quality was not their main focus.

Here you will find a list of These HelloKitty Cameras mainly Instant photo camera models and then some good digital cameras. Hope you will something you like among these cute cameras.

Instax Mini Hello Kitty

Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty instant photo camera

Now this the the latest Instax camera in market and one which made for 80th anniversary of Fujifilm and 40th anniversary of Sanrio, the company which owns this franchise. This is basically Instax Mini 8 camera but with remodeled for this theme. It’s a beautiful and unique design and Kitty fans gonna love it. It’s bit expensive than other Instax models though.

It comes with a price tag of $250 and hopefully price will go down later. But since this type of cameras become collectibles and everyone want one price might go up rather than down. Fujifilms hope to sell over three million units in Asia – Pacific regions alone. It uses Istax Mini film which cost you around $0.50 per photo print. There are some beautiful mini film packs you can find here >> Here <<.

Fuji Instax Mini8 Cheki

Fuji Instax Cheki Mini 8 camera

Okey this is not Hello Kitty but something cute as Hello Kitty. This is Mini 8 camera with Little Twin Stars theme. A cute pink instant film camera. Even thought price will be different at different sellers you won’t get it for less than $150 unless you are very lucky to find a promo or discount offer. That would be next to impossible since this model has a huge demand and not available everywhere. It also uses Fuji Mini instant film.

Instax Mini 25 Cheki camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Cheki Camera

Mini 25 is an older model than mini 8 but this one is lot advanced than later. Instax Mini 25 has more features so it gives you more control over your photos. Not a model you will see often in stores but good camera to grab if you are a Hello Kitty fan. Uses Mini film and uses CR2 batteries. This is one of the best cameras among Instax models.

Hello Kitty Instax 210 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instax 210 Camera

Same of Instax 210 camera with above look. Problem is the price. Original model cost you around $60 but this one cost around $160. Can’t justify the price but this white model is very hard to find so it should be expensive than more common black model. If you can find a the while model you can find some stickers to make it look like this and get it done for cheaper cost. 210 uses Fujifilm Instax WIDE Film packs which cost you around $16 for 20 photo papers.

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